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Tianjin women’s volleyball team defends the title with only one victory over Jiangsu, desperately looking forward to a counterattack

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Original title: Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team’s sword finger defense is only one win over Jiangsu, desperately looking forward to a counterattack

On January 5, the National Women’s Volleyball Super League of the 2021-2022 season ushered in the second game of the finals in Jiangmen Sports Center. Tianjin Bohai Bank benefited from the first straight game with a 3-0 zero seal and Jiangsu took the lead. You can defend your title by winning 2-0 with 2 games. The premise is that the first pass is guaranteed and the offense and pass are matched. On the other hand, Jiangsu Zhongtian Steel is in a desperate situation and must use spelling as the head. If you want to counterattack, you need to beat Tianjin’s weak points .

Wang Baoquan took charge of Tianjin Bohai Bank in the first game of the finals. In straight games, he beat Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron and Steel 3-0 in three straight games. Killing can successfully defend the title. Looking at the list of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball’s usual starting lineups, the main attackers are Li Yingying and Liu Yanhan, the deputy attackers Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan, and the second passer Yao Di are all players in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Mencius and Liu Liwen are relatively weak.

In particular, Li Yingying, Vargas and Liu Yanhan’s super-powerful offensive trident, in the women’s volleyball league, can be described as arrogant, even if the Tianjin women’s volleyball back row first pass system occasionally fluctuates in the face of follow-up, but the second pass Yao Di still You can calmly mobilize the Trident to seek a breakthrough. Vargas and Li Yingying have super strong offensive power in the front and rear rows. They do not have high requirements for first pass protection and offensive cooperation. Together with Bayi internal aid, Liu Yanhan played in the first game of the finals. Respectively contributed 45%, 43% and 53% of the steady ball rate to stabilize the army.

It’s worth mentioning that the Bayi Women’s Volleyball team’s internal assistant Yuan Xinyue has a strong net dominance. Although there are problems with the passer Yao Di, he even lost the center of gravity after running a fast ball and fell to the ground. , But still relying on rich experience in the competition to make up. The first finals scored 17 points and defeated Li Yingying and foreign aid Vargas to win the game. In the offensive link, he showed off 13 out of 15 deductions and 87% of 0 turnovers. The ball rate, the continuation of the second round, this fiery touch is undoubtedly a great hope for the defending platoon super.

Different from the overwhelming advantages of offense, block and serve, the weakness of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team lies in the periodic fluctuations in the first pass protection system. The double main attacker Li Yingying and Liu Yanhan are not strong in the back row protection, but the double free men Mencius and Liu Liwen rotate. It is difficult to satisfy Wang Baoquan. The second pass Yao Di is limited by injury problems, which leads to deviations in passing accuracy. In the second game, Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron and Steel does not need to worry as long as you don’t make mistakes. The defending champion is only one victory away.

Zhang Changning needs to recover after knee injury and leave the Super League temporarily. The Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team has been promoted to the position of captain by taking over Gong Xiangyu. Head coach Cai Bin has promoted rookies, main attacker Wu Mengjie and deputy attacker Wan Ziyue, into the starting lineup, but first in the finals. In the match against Tianjin Bohai Bank, they lost three consecutive games and lost 0-3 with a zero seal. This led to a desperate situation in the three-game two-win finals with a 0-1 win. In addition, in the regular season E earlier. The group also lost 0-3, and was at a disadvantage in the double play by Tianjin Bohai Bank in the ranking this season.

Comparing Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team with the five Olympic national players Yuan Xinyue, Liu Yanhan, Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan and Yao Di, Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron and Steel has only the captain Gong Xiangyu alone to support the overall situation. Although the new generations such as Wu Mengjie and Wan Ziyue are full of impact, they have insufficient experience in the competition. The ability to read the game on the spot is lacking. How to adjust the mentality as soon as possible under the passive situation of turning back for a while is a realistic problem before Cai Bin’s coaching staff. Faced with the defending champion Tianjin, who is full of attacking power, he must let go to have a chance. Equalize the game.

Tianjin Bohai Bank’s usual starting offenses are Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan. These two women’s volleyball Olympic national players have outstanding high-speed combination capabilities. The changeable tactical ball methods in front and back can involve the attention of blocking and defense. It is necessary to strengthen the attack of the defending champion to break the defending champion. After all, Li Yingying’s partner Liu Yanhan’s main offensive frontline has ups and downs. Once it works, you can pull away from Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan’s fast-changing tactics. The Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team is more energetic but focuses on the adjustment of the offensive trident. This is more conducive to the advancement of the blocking system. Prepare a plan.

In view of the objective fact that the captain Gong Xiangyu is also the core responsibility of offense and defense, this support type response itself does not have the hard power to break through and defense. The Jiangsu women’s volleyball team urgently needs to establish a more efficient offensive core. Supernova Wu Mengjie is under the premise of Zhang Changning’s injury. It is more worth looking forward to. Of course, facing the high block of Tianjin Bohai Bank with an average height of more than 1.9 meters, Wu Mengjie must use offensive speed and line changes to get rid of targeted blocks to be able to share the offensive pressure of Gong Xiangyu and Wu Han in the second game of the finals.

From the perspective of offensive and defensive strength in the finals alone, the Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team is clearly inferior to the defending champion Tianjin. This is how the head coach Cai Bin must work hard on the round design and how to integrate the most reasonable offensive and defensive system on the basis of the existing staffing. Quite critical. In the second scene of the finals, against the highly skilled Tianjin Bohai Bank, Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron and Steel can only fight for life with spelling. Once the defending champion’s weak point is collectively pressured to give a fatal blow, it cannot be ruled out that it will be able to stage a weak victory. Strong reversal drama. (Su Yingguo)Return to Sohu to see more


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