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Tickets for Barrier-Free Seats at Hangzhou Asian Games Available for Sale Starting September 15

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Tickets for barrier-free seats for the Hangzhou Asian Games will be sold starting from September 15. This special seating area is exclusively designed for spectators using wheelchairs and does not include traditional seating. Spectators with special needs can purchase barrier-free seat tickets and access the corresponding area in the stadium. Volunteers will be available to provide assistance and guidance to these individuals.

The Hangzhou Asian Games is scheduled to take place from September 23 to October 8. As of August 26, tickets for the various sports competitions have been released in five batches, totaling 50 different items. E-sports events are being sold through a lottery registration system. The lottery results for the 26 registration sessions covering seven sub-events were announced on August 25.

In addition to online ticketing channels, starting from August 23, ticket booths and official ticketing service outlets at the competition venues have gradually opened. These physical locations provide offline ticketing services, as well as paper ticket exchanges and consultation services for the audience. Any remaining ticket stock is shared between the online and offline channels. However, it is worth noting that all 30 events of the Hangzhou Asian Games, including popular sports like table tennis, badminton, swimming, diving, and tennis, have already sold out.

To meet the needs of those who missed out on earlier ticket sales, the resale and transfer service for e-tickets was launched on August 23. Interested individuals can visit the resale section to inquire about available tickets.

In addition to this, starting from September 15, the Hangzhou Asian Games will begin selling tickets for barrier-free seats to the public. These seats are specifically designated for individuals with special needs and are located in an area that provides optimal views of the events. Spectators using wheelchairs can purchase these tickets and enjoy the games from these designated areas. Furthermore, dedicated venue volunteers will be present to offer guidance and assistance to those in need.

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