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Tintin Hazard may not be able to catch up with the quarter-finals, Italy is fortunate to avoid Ronaldo_De Bruyne

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Original title: Tintin Azar may not be able to catch up with the quarter-finals, Italy is fortunate to avoid Ronaldo

(Transfer from sports arena+)Shen Tianhao, All-Media Special Correspondent, Sports Weekly

As the FIFA ranked first national team, the side that was optimistic by all the media and the odds before the game, the Belgian went to Portugal in the summer of Seville, but their performance is difficult to convince everyone. The Italian media generally said: The Portuguese’s performance is worth at least a goal and a draw.

The Belgian can of course complain: If the German referee Bruch can show a yellow card in the foul against Lukaku in Palinha’s foul, then this midfielder should have eaten in the assault on De Bruyne. The second yellow card ends. But in addition to this, the team has basically never shown its technical advantage over the Five Shields in 90 minutes. The best two opportunities come from two wing guards: Torgaon Hazard’s shot in Par Trisio’s rapid change of line in front of the goal made the Portuguese country too late to react, and could not report to his new owner Rome with a good mood; Menier shot in the back of his feet, and his mind was full of tribute to Modric, but this is a pity. The share of the field world wave has been used up.

On the contrary, the Portuguese got more opportunities. The difference in the scenes between the two teams is not just the statistical shooting ratio of 6 to 24 and the shooting ratio of 1 to 5. In Seville, Jota completely lost his previous aggressiveness at Anfield. He took a left-footed shot 5 minutes after the opening and aimed at the far end of the goal, but the result was outrageous; Portugal took the lead in making adjustments in the second half. The appearance of Lex made the defending champion’s offensive more fierce. Ronaldo withdrew from the penalty area, kicked the wall with Dalot and sent the ball into the penalty area. Ruota shot in the penalty area with anti-aircraft guns.

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In the last quarter of the game, in front of the Santos team’s surging offensive, the Belgian had nothing but parry. Guerrero’s right foot shot low at the center post, Ruben Diaz’s big head hammer was almost a bit of luck, and Andre Silva’s appearance made Portugal’s offensive more three-dimensional, but the Frankfurt striker shot in front of the goal. Too hasty. What about Belgium? Vermaelen was the best performer at the end of the second half. Now 36 years old, Red Devils No. 3, who has travelled across the ocean to the J-League, has repeatedly rejected the Portuguese’s crosses.

What worries Martinez is that after de Bruyne suffered a rough foul from Palinha in the first half, he couldn’t hold on at the beginning of the second half. He had to be replaced by Mertens, and the Red Devils’ situation on the court also changed sharply from then on. . It can be said that after the Manchester City star went off the field, the Belgian directly handed over the initiative to Ronaldo’s team. Prior to this, De Bruyne gave Menier on the right a subtle pass in the first half, showing his core demeanor. After he left the field, Martinez found that his team did not have anyone on the court who could pass the ball deep.

The Italians are naturally very concerned about De Bruyne’s injury. This Friday night, they will face the challenge of Belgium in Allianz. The former national goalkeeper Macegiani is now a commentator for the Italian Sky channel. He said: “From the scene of De Bruyne’s next game, it is already difficult for him to catch up with the next round of the game with Italy.” Against Portugal, substitute De Bruyne’s Mertens performance was mediocre-this was not his first sluggish performance in this tournament. Against Denmark, he started the first half and was replaced by De Bruyne. Needless to say the plot. Age has made the Naples star lose some of the spirit of the past, but more importantly, his style of play is somewhat incompatible with the current Belgian system. If De Bruyne is really absent, Mertens will still be the first substitute according to the frontcourt order currently set by Martinez for the team, and even if the Spanish coach really has the courage to make changes, the other two Two alternatives, Carrasco and Doku, also cannot replace De Bruyne’s role. After all, they are completely different players in their type, and De Bruyne is hard to come by.

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In addition, in the 87th minute, Edan Hazard touched his thigh and left the field, which also made the Red Devils fans sweat. Martinez said after the game that he is not sure whether the team’s No. 10 will be able to make a comeback in time for the Allianz on Friday. In this game, Hazard’s brilliance was concealed by his younger brother Torgaon, but he repeatedly pushed forward with the Portuguese’s tough defense and effectively organized the team’s offensive. The injury hit is a big blow to the player and coach Martinez.

On Monday coach Martinez revealed the injuries of De Bruyne and Hazard, said: “The results of the examination are still optimistic. The injuries of Edan (Azar) and Kevin (De Bruyne) are not too serious. Gang We were very nervous when we received the inspection report, and now we are finally relieved. They will continue to stay in the team. But it will be difficult for them to fully recover until Friday (against Italy). They may not be able to play until the next stage of the game. We Take it step by step.”

On one side is De Bruyne’s early exit, on the other side is the tough defense of Pepe and Ruben Dias. Lukaku, who had previously performed like a superb, “returned to the earth” in this game. The brightest moment of the game for Little Warcraft was to face Palinha’s rough defense, but before the penalty area, he encountered a wall of the Five Shields. Before the game, the Italian had already done multiple-choice questions in his heart: In the next round, Ronaldo or Lukaku? The performance of the Inter Milan center and the Belgian team tonight gave the Italians more confidence. National TV commentator Luca Tony said ruthlessly: “For Italy, this result is lucky. Compared to this Belgium, Portugal tonight scares me a lot.”

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On the second day of the game, the Belgian team celebrated De Bruyne’s birthday, and Tintin seemed to be in a good mood.Return to Sohu to see more


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