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Today for the friendly Pont in Brunod against Voghera

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Coach Lollo Parisi’s Pdhae (Serie D) returns to the field this afternoon, Wednesday 10 August, at 4 pm. After the 5-0 knockout of last Saturday in Novarello against Novara (who plays in Serie C), the lower team from Valle d’Aosta will face the Vogherese, a team that plays in excellence at Brunod di Châtillon.

Then on Saturday 13th another friendly test against an excellent team, the Aosta Valley team from Aygreville. Two very important tests in which Parisi wants to see first of all the growth from a physical and mental point of view of his, as he warns: «We are working well and above all at the moment we have no injuries and we can work with the whole group as a whole. This is certainly an important aspect at this point of the season, there are still over twenty days to go at the start of the championship and we need to improve as soon as possible in every aspect, to be ready for the championship as soon as possible. From the next two friendlies against Vogherese and Aygreville I expect progress from all points of view: first of all an aggressive team that knows how to take the reins of the game. The most difficult aspect at the moment is trying to amalgamate the team: compared to last season we have about fifteen new players and we need to better oil the mechanisms to be able to play as a team, our real strength ». Parisi then sets the seasonal priority goal: “A peaceful salvation, to be conquered as soon as possible”. The Serie D championship will begin on Sunday 4 September: groups and calendars will be released every day. –

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