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Today the verdict of the CTS on the Covid protocol

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The Serie A football league is satisfied with the proposal made by the State-Regions conference

MILAN. Lega Serie A tries to put the controversy of the last few days behind it, looking positively at the new Covid protocol approved in the State-Regions Conference and expected to be examined by the CT. The wait is now all for the meeting of the Scientific Technical Committee, which today will be called to evaluate the draft prepared for the world of sport, according to which, among other things, the teams will be automatically stopped in the event that the 35 is positive. % of the athletes of the single team. An agreement for which the League has expressed “satisfaction”, with the confidence that it will be confirmed today.

“The direction taken is the right one, we expect that the CTS will also embrace our vision to centrally standardize the decisions of the territorial Asl and arrive as soon as possible at a clear application framework”, commented the president of the Serie A League Paolo Dal Pine tree. On the other hand, it was the League itself that pushed for a political intervention, with the aim of limiting in particular the weight of the ASL at the territorial level, which had moved in no particular order in recent weeks with different measures from team to team.

Now Serie A is waiting for news from the CTS and then from the FIGC, which will have to indicate the number on which to calculate the 35%: the general indication should be to calculate it based on the list of 25 players registered for use in the league, on which a general ok has arrived from Serie A, but it also depends on the eventual intervention of the CTS itself on the individual rules.

“These are complex weeks, linked to the restart of the pandemic that has surprised the country and even some footballers – explained the CEO of the Lega Luigi De Siervo -. We have found, and today we will have the CTS certification, a system of certain rules that will allow the championship to end within the established time frame. The calendar is so dense that there are no breaks that can allow you to recover. We have forced politics a bit to finally give us some rules, not leaving the local health authority to decide who should play or not ». After the green light of the CTS and the decision on the application by the FIGC, it will finally be up to Serie A to update its protocol.

Not only Covid during the assembly. The meeting of the clubs saw the final decision of the companies on the TV rights of the Middle East and North Africa area: the offers were deemed inappropriate.

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