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Tokyo Olympics: How this surreal event broke my Olympic bubble-BBC News

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  • Lourdes Heredia
  • BBC International Reporter

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The empty venues and social distancing measures made this unusual Olympic Games a little more bleak and gloomy.

This should have been an Olympic Games that brought hope. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 was originally a symbol of the world’s victory over the global pandemic, but it turned out to be counterproductive. For many reporters, athletes and delegation personnel in Tokyo, it seems that they are facing various restrictions in the coming days that may be tightened rather than relaxed.

“Given the number of new coronavirus infections, we cannot predict what will happen. So if the number of confirmed diagnoses rises, we will continue to discuss,” said Toshiro Muto, chief of affairs of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee when asked whether the Olympics will continue. .

His vague answer made the headlines and was interpreted as a hint that the Olympics might be cancelled. This just shows how delicate the situation is for all of us who are living in the Tokyo Olympic bubble.

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An online meeting of BBC International reporters-everyone was locked up in a hotel room alone.

Everyone who comes from outside Japan must be quarantined before going to Tokyo, and several copies of negative nucleic acid test certificates are required before boarding the plane.

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