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Toro, a sigh of relief for Praet: no injury, perhaps already on the pitch with Udinese

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“Edema in the left thigh”. Basically it is a blow that forced Praet to anticipate his return from commitments with his national team, as evidenced by the exams the Belgian underwent at the resumption of training. A muscle injury was feared, but Toro breathes a sigh of relief also by virtue of the fact that the match against Udinese is the postponement of the thirteenth day and will be played on Monday. There is time to put the player back on his feet, even if his physical condition still advises caution. Today, in the meantime, he has carried out a mild differentiated work.

On the first day of work at Philadelphia after the break, Juric was able to count on the return of nine internationals, but certainly not on that of the other injured player, the Swiss Rodriguez. The defender, in agreement with the club, will return to the city tomorrow to undergo medical examinations, but in this case a muscle injury is very likely (remedied against Belotti’s Italy). If so, the prognosis would be quite long and could force him to return to the field in 2022.

Meanwhile, in a Toro that still does not recover Mandragora and Ansaldi, the expectation is also growing for Sanabria. Last night the striker did not even go to the bench in his Paraguay game against Colombia due to fatigue. He will return to Italy in the next few hours, a thorough medical examination awaits him. Meanwhile Belotti, after the overtime with Italy, is a candidate to start again from the beginning.

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