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Toro, Bremer returns against Salernitana

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Torino begins to recover the most important pieces in view of the match against Salernitana next Sunday. The heaviest is the return of Bremer, from today in the group after yet another problem with his right ankle that forced the Brazilian to start the season in fits and starts. Out in the Italian Cup, the defender had returned in time for the first day of Serie A before stopping for the same problem. Now he is also doing well from an athletic point of view after having spent the last week working above all on the condition: he will return to the center of defense.

Belotti, on the other hand, continues on the path of recovery after the severe contusion to the fibula suffered in Florence, but there will be no rush to recover it given the early return of Sanabria. The Paraguayan is not the only national with whom Juric has already been able to work. Lukic and Rincon were also present at today’s training. Tomorrow, however, will be the day, among others, of the Belgian Praet expected for the first time at Filadelfia.

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