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Toro, Juric pride: “We played the best game of the league”

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“We played the best game of the league”. But Toro did not help to save his skin against a strong and cynical Milan, not at all at the top of the table. So Juric finally savors the bitter taste of many days, too many, in which the grenades played well but failed to bring home the result. At San Siro came the third 1-0 suffered by a big team after Juve and Napoli. “It’s a shame, everything turns badly, let’s hope it’s the last time – again the Torino coach -, Milan never shot on goal, we dominated him for most of the match, this time I have nothing to tell my parents, they have produced fluidity of play and opportunities “. Especially in the final, given that in the first half despite a territorial domination the only half chance happened to Belotti on 26 ‘. “So far we have missed very few games – defends his Juric -, then it is normal that there are limits, we are the Bull, we know where we come from, but today we have raised the level of the team a lot. What did we miss? Let me review the game, maybe a bit of healthy madness at certain times. But it is shocking to have made so few points compared to what was produced “.

What is really missing for Taurus to make the leap forward is a certain continuity, not just results. Many injuries have hindered growth a lot. So now Belotti, just back, still looks like a fish out of water and the overlaps on the wings – the secret of Juric’s teams – patterns still to be oiled. «We need to raise the aerobic level – the medicine to be taken according to the coach -, but also of conviction to be able to attack with the defenders and the outside midfielders. Aina has to improve the intensity, she has some breaks every now and then, but in my opinion we will get there. Bremer? He must continue like this, now he is also improving with his feet, he is a modern defender ». The shipyard is on the attack, a department that is recovering the best parts, even if Pjaca is still out. «Belotti must find tranquility and form, we talk too much about him, let’s leave him calm – Juric suggests -, let’s think about the good of Toro, more than about individuals. However, the Rooster will be important again, for me he will have a great season. And I also expect a lot from Brekalo, he’s good but he can do more. Sometimes he runs too much, he has to be more patient to stay in his area of ​​the field ».

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