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Torres full front: fourth win in a row and third place in Serie D

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Captain Scotto scored the 2-0 penalty in Ostia

The positive streak of the rossoblù extends in Ostia. Masala and Scotto superstar and Salvatore saved a penalty in the second half

HOST. Great victory of Torres who, led on the bench by Mr. Frau (Greco, great ex of the match, for his three years in Ostia, disqualified), conquers the Anco Marzio di Ostia for 2 to 1 and knocks out the Gabbiani lidensi, winning the fourth victory in a row after the non-positive start in the tournament (1 point in 2 races). Masala scores once again, then it is captain Scotto from the spot who sets the score at 2 to 0. In the second half Saved saves a penalty, some final thrills for Vasco’s goal but at the whistle of the referee Totaro of Lecce there is a party under the guest clove. Important proof from the Sassari who, from the beginning, responded blow for blow to the Romans and then found the winning high notes.

From the first moments of the match, Torres tries. Then a valuable initiative by Scotto, always good at moving between the lines, but the Lidense defense controls. The greatest thrill, for Torres, arrives at 30 ‘when Rossi is anticipated by Bertoldi ready to fly away towards Saved. Landed by Greco’s defender, the referee draws the yellow. Really escaped danger for Torres who hit, then, as a great team. A minute later, in fact, the Diakite bank, delicious, for the inclusion among the white-violet Masala plants that penetrates the heart of the area and only in front of Trovatore makes no mistake. 1 to 0 and run of the number 8 towards the Sassari ultras, who flocked to the Anco Marzio in large numbers.

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Torres insists, smelling the blood, and at 44 ‘strikes again. Foul suffered by Scotto in the area, an inevitable penalty. And from the spot the same captain does not fail for the 2 to 0 of the Vanni Sanna team, at rest. It starts again after the break and at 9 ‘another great danger escaped by Torres.

This time the penalty is for Ostiamare (pardoned Rossi, who in the event of a second yellow card would have remedied the early shower). From the spot, however, Lorusso is hypnotized by a reactive Salvatore who pushes back the shout of joy of the home fans from his foot. And then Torres tries to start again. Always relying on Scotto and Diakite, among the best together with Masala and Piredda. At 20 ‘Saved covers up Cardillo’s initiative, but then at 44’ he can’t do anything about Vasco’s free-kick who tries to play the charge for the team from Ostia.

Central but strong, the conclusion is sacked and gives hope to Aldo Gardini’s Ostiamare team, also former of the match after the recent but not positive (on the field) spent in Sassari. But Torres, fighting as always, protects the fort and returns to Sardinia with 3 fundamental points. Thirteen in total for an increasingly interesting ranking situation. A truly quality success, which gives Greco’s eleven third place in Serie D and the awareness of being able to play with any team.

OSTIA. i, Orchi, Sbardella, Bianciardi (26 ‘st Vasco), Bertoldi (15’ st Mastropietro), Sabelli, Cardillo, Compagnone (10 ‘st Ippoliti), Lorusso. Available: Giori, Berardi, Rossi, Pellacani, Pedone, Matteoli. Coach: Gardini.

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TORRES: Saved, Rossi, Turkel (16’st Mukay), Kujabi, Antonelli, Dametto, Lisai, Masala, Scotto, Piredda, Diakite (30’st Sabatini). Available: Garau, Ferrante, Pinna R., Pinna S., Demartis, Ruocco, Nirta. Coach: Greco (Disqualified, on the bench in his place Frau).

REFEREE: Gabriele Totaro of Lecce.

NETWORKS: 31 ‘first half Masala, 45’ first half Scotto (rig., T), 44 ‘second half Vasco (OM).

NOTE: at 9 ‘of the second half Saved (T) saves a penalty kick in Lorusso (OM).


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