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Torres goes to penalties and goes to the final of the Italian Cup

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Torres goes to penalties and goes to the final of the Italian Cup
The party of the Torres players after the favorable conclusion of the penalty lottery

The rossoblùs won 11-10 on the Audace Cerignola field. Hero goalkeeper Garau who saved three shots from the spot

CERIGNOLA. Torres qualified for the Serie D Italian Cup final by overcoming Audace Cerignola on away penalties. It took a long sequence of shots from the spot, no less than 11, to designate the team that will face Follonica Gavorrano, a team from the province of Grosseto in the last act of the event. The match is scheduled for Sunday 22 May on a neutral field, yet to be determined.

Regular time ended at 2-2 with Torres who had managed to take the lead twice and the hosts who were able to recover. First goal in the 12th minute thanks to Ruocco, and Malcore equalized after 4 minutes. In the second half rossoblù 2-1 with Antonelli in the 6 ‘and equal to Russo in the 23’.

One of the three penalties saved by Pierpaolo Garau

From that moment the result did not change until the 90 ‘and it was necessary to go directly to the lottery of penalties. Won after a long battle from Alfonso Greco’s Torres for 11-10. The mistake from the penalty spot by the Cerignola Tricarico goalkeeper was decisive, the conclusion of which was intercepted by Garau, true hero of the series of penalties, given that he saved three out of 11 served.

AUDACE CERIGNOLA (3-4-3) Tricarico, Russo (from 42nd Palazzo), Silletti (from 35th Manzo), Allegrini, Dovral, Vitiello, Maltese, (from 30th Agnelli), Tascone, Mincica (from 9’st Giacomarro), Malcore (from 9’st Acike), Loiodice Available: Fares, Ciccone, Musciatello Coach Patience.

TORRES (4-3-3), Garau Antonelli, Ferrante, R. Pinna, Rossi, S.Pinna, Bianchi, Turchet (from 17’st Tesio), Sabatini (from 17’st Kujabi), Diakite (from 33’st Dematris), Ruocco Available: .Salvato, Dametto, Gurini, Mignona Greek coach.

Referee: Ceriello di Chiari.

Scorers: 13’pt Ruocco, 16’pt Malcore, 7’st Antonelli, 25’st Russo

Note: Ammonites: Turchet, Rossi, Dematris Recover 2’pt from 4’st.

Penalty sequence: Bianchi goal, Agnelli goal, Tesio goal, Malcore goal, Ruocco goal, Anchik goal, Dametto out, Palazzo saved, Demartis goal, Loiodice goal, Antonelli goal, Giacomarro goal, R. Pinna goal, Allegrini goal, Kujabi goal, Dovral goal, Ferrante saved, Manzo saved, Garau goal, Rossi goal, Tricarico saved.

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