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Torres, in Giugliano the final exams

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Gigi Scotto, rossoblù captain and goalscorer with 11 goals

The rossoblù in case of victory would bypass the leaders. Live TV match from 2.30 pm on Sportitalia

SASSARI. It is not the game of life. Whatever happens, there will be a whole second round to make up for it. But there is no doubt that today Torres has a great chance: put the arrow on Giugliano (who hasn’t played an official match for about 40 days) and sit on the temporary throne of the Serie D championship. leaders seemed unattainable. This is already a point in favor of the Sassari, good at not being discouraged, holding on and getting back on track. It is true that the Campania region has a race to catch up, but being overtaken by a direct competitor in the sprint towards Serie C would be a very hard blow to absorb for those who started the season with only one goal: to get promotion among the professionals.

Weather. The fans of the Campania teams are usually very hot, they make themselves heard. Today there will be about three thousand attendance in the Giugliano stadium, which is 50 percent open. The Torres supporters will be about a hundred, perhaps a few more and they will certainly make themselves heard, as they have already done this season in all the fields where the rossoblùs have been protagonists.

The choices. The Greek coach is aware of the strength of his team. He will not upset the team’s attitude, despite the fact that the stakes are worth double. The formation will be more or less the same as in Afragola in Wednesday’s recovery. The doubt is linked to the midfield. If the coach from Ostia decides to play an offensive match, Lisai could be preferred Masala, otherwise the latter will start the match. Rossi and Mukaj will be the low exteriors, Dametto and Antonelli the central ones. Bianchi in front of the defense, with Piredda and Kujabi free to act on the lanes and to guarantee, however, the non-possession phase. Scotto and Diakite the tips. The Sassari bomber has scored 11 goals so far, the last one was a masterpiece. It has the numbers to be a protagonist even today.

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Personality. What will be needed in the afternoon to stop the determination of an opponent ready to assert the home factor. The Giugliano will start with a thousand then, attacking high, with the intention of preventing Torres from developing their game. But pressing is a quality that even the rossoblùs have, it is what the coach wants to steal the ball and start again in speed. The leaders struggled in the races where the spaces were tight, because she had problems in the construction phase of the maneuver. This could be one of the keys to the race.

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