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“Torres is back in the hearts of the fans”

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Serie D. Gigi Scotto freewheeling: «Now let’s ride the enthusiasm. My daddy? It deserves a chance among the professionals “

SASSARI. His dream is to be a prophet at home. Gigi Scotto, from Sassari, has Torres in his heart since, as a child, he went into the corners with his father Pierluigi (current manager of Sweet Milk) to follow the games. Now he wears the rossoblù jersey and is an important “pawn” of an ambitious project.

Have you talked to your father?

“Of course. I am sorry for the defeat and not only for him, but also because I have so many friends at Latte Dolce. Those who play sports after a defeat are not well. Father was happy for me, there is no challenge between us ».

You went from Sweet Milk to Torres.

«With the managers of Sweet Milk, who have now bought Torres, there is not only a professional relationship. I had a verbal agreement with Arezzo but when they asked me to stay, I couldn’t say no. The goal is to do well in my home ».

Enthusiasm has returned to Sassari. Do you feel it?

«And how! People have fallen in love with Torres again. Enthusiasm must be ridden and nurtured. The victory in Genzano was a test of maturity against an opponent who started badly but is the strongest team in the group. Having won playing for 55 minutes with the less man will increase our self-esteem ».

Let’s throw the mask: are you aiming for the C series?

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«We want to be protagonists but with humility. I won a few championships and I know that to do that we have to become a team in all respects. We are on the right track, we have certainly shown that we have character ».

You were born and raised in Sassari, do you feel the weight of responsibility more than others?

«I am first of all a Torres fan. I am involved in the project one hundred percent. But I’m still one of the team members. I’m the captain, but I feel equal to the others and I put myself at the disposal of my teammates ».

Is having a president like Stefano Udassi, former Rossoblù striker, an advantage?

“There is no doubt. He is very attached to Torres, he is keen to die. But it is the entire management that works in harmony and each has specific skills ».

Let’s talk about the other Sardinian formations, what role will Sweet Milk play?

«It’s a renewed team. The goal is a quiet championship. They play good football, they are a good group. I’m not saying this because the coach is my father but they can do well ».

Can Muravera and Arzachena fight for the playoffs?

«The safe Muravera. They aim for the top because they are strong. The market they have made says so. The purchase of Mancosu is an example. Marco Nappi, on the other hand, can be an added value for Arzachena. The coach is an expert and do not deceive the defeat on Sunday, I consider it an accident on the way ».

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They say that the technical level of the D series has risen. That’s it?

«In our group there is a lot of quality and there are no obvious matches. Just go and scroll through the roses to realize it. That’s why it is really impossible to say who will be promoted now. This is a tournament in which balance will reign until the end ».

Can you tell us an anecdote between you and your father?

«When I missed the penalty in the Coppa Italia match against them, he too felt bad. We talk about football from time to time. He is crazy about my son Pierluigi. I wish him to train among professionals in the future, he deserves it ».

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