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Torres knows how to fly: “But let’s keep our feet on the ground”

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Serie D, the fourth success in a row is worth the lonely third place. The sports director Colombino: “The others run too but we don’t look at them”

SASSARI. The Torres march continues quickly and not even the robust Ostiamare has managed to stop it. The goals from Masala and Scotto in the first half gave rise to the fourth consecutive victory, with the invaluable help of the goalkeeper Saved who at the start of the second half prevented the opponents from reopening the game, saving a penalty. “An important exam was passed in Ostia, it is never easy on any pitch but on Sunday we needed a good test of maturity for a group that is growing and learning to be a team”.

This was stated by Andrea Colombino, Torres’ sporting director who after the last exploit isolated himself in third position. There would be every reason to be galvanized, “but we keep our feet on the ground, because there are those who are going just as fast. We are satisfied, of course, without looking at others. Doesn’t the leaders Giugliano miss a beat? Now it goes like this, but a moment of bending comes for everyone. In the meantime, let’s go ahead with this spirit ». After the good sensations of the pre-season the slow start in the tournament – internal defeat at the debut with Giugliano and a point in Lanusei – was casting some shadow on the real value of the team led by Alfonso Greco.

Usually there is the excuse of running in, but the results are confirming that the problem was just that, as the diesse also points out: “The first ones were inevitably” test “games, with the search for the best set-up that was modified to find the balance shown in the last few weeks, also following the characteristics of the players. Now the team has its own identity ». The Sassari public has understood this and is responding well, now it is strictly forbidden to betray the newfound enthusiasm. «We know how much the push of the fans counts for us, who are also following us away. Speaking of the twelfth man is not just a saying, it is the truth. And also our strength ».

But does Torres, who wins and convinces, still need some tweaks to be more beautiful and complete? It does not confirm and does not deny Colombino. “We can always improve, we are very happy with the group but we are always attentive and ready to intervene in case of need, especially on the front of the youngest, remembering that 2003 Mignona has just returned from an operation on his meniscus and Ruocco still remains unavailable”. Meanwhile Alessandro Frau is proposed as a lucky charm, who in the two substitutions of Greco on the bench has taken as many victories. «We have all told him that he is doing well and he wants to” resign “from the role so as not to affect his fantastic average. Obviously we are joking ». On the New Florida field, in the next round, he will still have to give way to the owner coach who has served his two days of disqualification.

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