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Tottenham promises Conte 150 million pounds budget to dig Viola and Milan duo jqknews

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Original title: Tottenham promises Conte 150 million pounds budget to dig the Viola superstar + Milan duo

Tottenham’s announcement announced the return of the Italian coach Conte to the British arena, and the 18-month coaching contract allowed Conte to get a payment of 20 million pounds. Conte said in an interview that Tottenham Chairman Levi’s plan touched him and he couldn’t wait to start his coaching journey. The Italian media exposed Conte’s signing plan. The Italian coach will receive a signing budget of 150 million pounds in the winter window. Fiorentina striker Vlahović and AC Milan midfielder Casey are both Conti’s top goals for the winter window signings. .

After signing the contract, Conte accepted an official interview with Tottenham. He said excitedly: “I am very happy to be able to return to the coaching position, especially in the Premier League, in a club that aims to become the protagonist again. Tottenham have the most advanced. The facilities and one of the best stadiums in the world. I can’t wait to start a new job and pass on my enthusiasm, mentality and determination to the fans and the team. These are the qualities that distinguish me from others. Whether it’s me as a player or as a coach. We didn’t succeed in joining forces this summer because I just ended my cooperation with Inter Milan and I was not emotionally accepting it. I don’t think it’s the right time to return to my coaching role. . However, Chairman Levi’s trust, enthusiasm and determination in me made it all done. Now is the time to come back. I choose to seize this opportunity with firm conviction.”

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After taking over Tottenham halfway, Conte is bound to introduce his favorite players in the transfer market and better implant his coaching philosophy into Tottenham. Italian media “Gazzetta dello Sport” and “Roma Sport” have exposed Conte’s signing plan. According to the news, Tottenham have assured Conte that they will invest money in signings in the winter window, and Vlahović and Casey are Conte’s top targets. The contract between Vlahović and Fiorentina expires in 2023. The club chairman has announced that the players will not renew. The senior management has also made it clear that Vlahović has the possibility of leaving the team in the winter window. Tottenham director Palatic has already been last week. Discussed the introduction of the 21-year-old striker with the senior management of Florence.

It is unlikely that AC Milan midfielder Casey will renew the contract with the club, and a high offer is likely to make the Rossoneri choose the winter window. Casey’s agent, Atangana, is about to reach an agreement with Tottenham, and Casey’s annual salary will reach 10 million euros after joining. In addition, Inter Milan’s Skriniar, Devry and Varela are also in Conte’s signing plan, but Inter Milan is unwilling to sell these players. Tottenham are also paying attention to Inter Milan midfielder Brozovic, whose contract expires next summer.Return to Sohu to see more


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