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Totti and Noemi Bocchi in crisis? The clue that made the fans suspicious

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Totti and Noemi Bocchi in crisis?  The clue that made the fans suspicious

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi may have already said goodbye. On social media, rumors have been chasing each other for days

Mariangela Masiello

Francesco Totti e Naomi Bocchi they may have already reached loggerheads: for some days, in fact, the rumors about a a possible marital crisis they have become increasingly insistent, encouraged by some “hints” that have not escaped the most attentive eyes of the web.

totti-noemi crisis? the clues

Rumors in a can crisis between Totti and Noemi they have become stronger since the Pupone was spotted alone at an evening: on that occasion the former Roma captain would not have worn the now famous ring, symbol of union with his new partner, which the two had exchanged after the start of their relationship. Not only that, a video posted on TikTok and Chanel Totti who sang the song in the company of his father Unique by Antonello Venditti. The gesture inflamed the people of social media precisely because of the choice of the song, which according to Totti’s fans is not so casual: in fact, it seems that Totti dedicated that song to Ilary Blasiwhen the two were still at the beginning of their relationship, way back in 2002, at the time of the famous “6 unique” shirt, sported for the derby on 10 March.

totti and ilary towards separation

On the front of the cause of separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi instead, for tomorrow, Friday 3 Februaryis fixed there second hearing at the court of Rome. The central point is represented by the “watch question”, i.e. the Rolex collection that Ilary Blasi allegedly stole from her ex-husband. If the two were to be able to find an understanding, then, in all likelihood, the foundations could be laid to arrive at an consensual separation.

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Meanwhile, the relationship between Ilary Blasi and the German entrepreneur Bastian Muller proceeds at full speed: in recent days the two have in fact granted themselves a weekend in the snow together with her sister, Silvia, her husband and other friends. The moment for the official introductions in the family, therefore, would seem to have finally arrived, indeed, according to the well-informed, Bastian has already met Chanel Totti, Ilary’s 15-year-old daughter. However, it is not clear whether Bastian was also introduced to Cristian and little Isabel.

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