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Totti-Blasi, further agreement. We go to the court battle

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Totti-Blasi, further agreement.  We go to the court battle

A year ago the last trip together, now the total confrontation. Judicial separation is possible, Ilary feels that he is an injured party

Exactly one year has passed since the last happy voyage of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi: 28-29 September 2021, after the birthday of the former captain of Rome, husband and wife, with their third child Isabel, they went to Paris, in the direction of Disneyland. A group photo and who knows if they imagined it would be the last, at least public. A year later, after having sought an agreement for the consensual separation (Totti’s latest proposal arrived in the last few hours, but Ilary rejected it again), the two are now at the very short irons and, news of this afternoon, they go to the judicial separation in court. The lawyers have taken a few more days, otherwise one of the two will file the appeal and the legal battle will begin.

Wall against Wall

Totti, after having obtained the approval of his children, who were also at the birthday party organized by Noemi, feels serene and is ready to come out publicly with her, while the now ex-wife is hurt by Francesco’s choices and wants also safeguard his family of origin. Which, not a small detail, has worked in recent years in Totti’s many businesses. It will not be easy, therefore, to put everything in black and white, even if the former captain of Roma was (and is) ready to leave the Eur villa to her and her boys. For Ilary, however, it is not enough because he believes he is the severely injured party in the divorce. The wall against the wall continues and the agreement that seemed possible until yesterday is further and further away.

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