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TRAIL DEL SEGREDONT 2024 | Sportdimontagna.com

For some time the organizers – Gav Vertova – have been busy especially with the administrative bureaucratic part, even if the bulk of the work will, as always, be in the last month, when we will have to dedicate ourselves to preparing the routes.

For the third year the 2 distances with departure and arrival in Vertova are proposed again:

short trail of 18 km with d+ 1400 m;

long trail of 27 km with d+ 2150 m.

Distance and difference in altitude give an idea of ​​how demanding they are, at a time of the season, spring, when you start to get serious and put the training already done to good use. The description of the route and the altitude profile can be found on the gavvertova.it website together with other news (regulations, prizes, program etc.) relating to the event.

A change could affect the short trail. Following the landslide danger and consequent transit ban in Val Vertova (with works not yet scheduled), the organization is committed to choosing an alternative route for the first part of the race, already identified, which should not alter the technical data displayed .

The winners at the Segredont Trail will be the first five, men and women, in the general ranking, and the first men and women in the over 50, over 55 and over 60 categories for each route.

From the Gav group, therefore, an invitation to all friends who already know about this event, to «return for a “new” experience and bring other friends to raise awareness of this area of ​​the middle Seriana valley, already very renowned in itself; but we travel beyond the clouds and we admire the views from above.”

All information on the site www.gavvertova.itiregistrations open on the portal www.picosport.net.

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