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Transfers FC Barcelona | The reason that will not affect the future of Leo Messi

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Transfers FC Barcelona |  The reason that will not affect the future of Leo Messi

04/24/2023 at 17:51


The Argentine is clear that he will not be guided by economic reasons when making a decision about his next destination

He has an offer of 400 ‘kilos’ for a season in Arabia; In case he wanted to stay in Europe and think about economics, he would have already accepted PSG’s proposal

He has not yet defoliated the daisy on his future. There is time, the contract ends on June 30 and certain factors/movements must still take place before taking a definitive step. But if Leo Messi is clear about something, it is that the decision he makes will not be, at all, based on economics. At this point, the man from Rosario is clear that more or less zeros in his future contract will not tempt him. They are not going to tip the balance.

As SPORT has learned, ‘Lio’ will base his destiny on a sporty look. He believes that he can stay in the elite and make a difference for a while longer, at least until the next Copa América. He wants to reach 100% and try to win the first title with the third star shining on the shield. In addition, the Ballon d’Or, for which he is a clear favourite, is also between eyebrows.

If I prioritized the monetary issue, I would have accepted the dizzying offer of 400 million dollars for a campaign offered by Al-Hilal saudí to face the next course with Cristiano Ronaldo.


And, also thinking about the economics, If he wanted to stay in Europe, he would have already signed his contract with PSG. The offer from the Parisian club is tempting on an economic level, more than what Barça can probably offer him (in case he can end up presenting a firm proposal). In addition, contrary to what he has been saying, he has not asked the French entity for more money to agree to extend his contract.

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But neither has he said NO to PSG nor has he decided 100% what it will be. What it will not depend on, we understand, is money.

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