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Transforming Hangzhou’s Barrier-Free Environment: A Step Towards Inclusivity at the Asian Para Games

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Taking the Asian Para Games as an opportunity to help comprehensively improve Hangzhou’s barrier-free environment

CCTV Network • 2023-10-22 12:32:23

Hangzhou, China – With the 4th Asian Para Games just around the corner, the city of Hangzhou is seizing the opportunity to enhance its barrier-free environment. Under the theme of “hosting a conference well and improving a city,” Hangzhou is focused on transforming the city’s infrastructure and ensuring accessibility for all.

At the Tangqi Blind Goalball Training Base in Hangzhou’s Linping District, staff are working diligently to fine-tune the barrier-free intelligent service piles for the upcoming Asian Para Games. These service piles are equipped with designated software that, when installed on various mobile devices, will allow visually impaired individuals to automatically receive voice broadcasts within a 2-meter radius of the service station. Users will be able to obtain information about their current location, blind road routes, nearby accessible public toilets, and accessible subway entrances. The service posts also feature Braille, making them more suitable and accessible for visually impaired individuals compared to ordinary navigation maps.

Hangzhou’s commitment to improving its barrier-free environment is part of a three-year action plan that was launched in 2020. Over the past three years, the city has undertaken more than 54,000 improvements to urban barrier-free facilities. As a result, 81% of Hangzhou’s 2,348 urban public toilets have been transformed into barrier-free public toilets.

The Asian Para Games, scheduled to take place in Hangzhou, serves as the perfect platform for the city to showcase its dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. The games not only highlight the athletic abilities of para-athletes but also draw attention to the importance of creating a barrier-free environment for all citizens.

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Hangzhou’s efforts to improve its barrier-free environment extend beyond the Asian Para Games. The city aims to create a more inclusive and accessible city for individuals with disabilities, facilitating their participation in various aspects of life. By prioritizing accessibility, Hangzhou is not only improving the quality of life for its citizens but is also positioning itself as a role model for other cities around the world.

As the 4th Asian Para Games approaches, Hangzhou is proud to showcase its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. The city’s transformation of its barrier-free environment will serve as a lasting legacy for years to come, ensuring that everyone, regardless of physical ability, can enjoy the city’s amenities and participate fully in its vibrant community.

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