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Trento Film Festival 2024: 120 films, stories and new perspectives, in search of a new balance

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Trento Film Festival 2024: 120 films, stories and new perspectives, in search of a new balance

An international festival of mountain cinema and culture, increasingly plural but capable of presenting itself to the public with a clear identity. Now in its 72nd edition, the Trento Film Festival 2024 – scheduled in the Trentino capital from 26 April to 5 May 2024 – does not give up its desire for renewal, while remaining firm on the solid pillars of a history that began way back in 1952.

Trento Film Festival 2024: 120 films selected

There are 120 films selected, of which 25 for the international competition: 24 international previews and 87 Italian ones. We start on Saturday 27 April with the opening film Oura el’jbel (Behind the mountains) by Mohamed Ben Attia Tunisia: premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, it is the story of a “special” father seen with his eyes of his son, in the midst of mountains that have something magical about them. A film that will win over the public for its non-conformism and freedom, as well as for the scenarios of an unprecedented Tunisia.

International competition and Alp&Ism

«The two pillars of the 72nd Trento Film Festival are the International Competition and Alp&Ism: 25 titles between feature films and shorts for each of the two sections, to clearly underline a balance, an equal balance, between two souls that have always characterized the plural identity of the Trento Film Festival” explains Mauro Gervasini, head of the film program. On the one hand, therefore, the mountain told in the Competition in the most diverse ways, from animation to experimentation, from fiction to documentary. On the other hand, the adventure, the exploration, the competitive challenge that becomes existential, in the increasingly demanding relationship with nature, of Alp&Ism.

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There will be no shortage of films that tell the present state of the mountain territories, imagining their future, from the Terre Alte section, as well as authors, productions, stories and protagonists from TrentinoAlto Adige of Orizzonti vicini, in collaboration with the Trentino Film Commission. And if in the Special Screenings the homage to Francesco Nuti and the story entrusted to Erri De Luca on the relationship between the approach to the mountains and old age in the short L’età experimentale stand out, with the Previews the Festival offers its audience a program of films from the main international film festivals.

Cincontri, the meeting point for films and events

Another novelty this year will be the Cincontri column, a sort of “link” between the film program and the events program, to further highlight the Trento Film Festival’s desire to virtuously intertwine contents, places and formats of a constantly evolving review. «In the cinemas, at the end of the screening of the medium-length films which see them as protagonists in front of or behind the camera, real talks will take place with exceptional guests such as the writer Erri De Luca, the mountaineers Tamara Lunger, Edu Marin, Stefano Ghisolfi, the directors Enzo d’Alò and Cecilia Bozza Wolf, the content creators Bruno Pisani, Petra Cola, Sanni Oksanen, Gustavo Karlsson” says Laura Zumiani, head of the events program.

Closing film, Kinra-Motherland by Marco Panatonik (Peru), winner of the Golden Astor for best film at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina): «The story of a young man who leaves his mountains to reach Cusco, where you can study. But does he really leave them? One of the surprises of the 72nd Trento Film Festival, an intense coming-of-age story in the changing Andean scenario”, guarantees Gervasini.

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