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Treviso Basket, blow to Milan: Armani wins 85-55

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MILANO. Trentello served, but almost painless. It was an announced defeat, that of Nutribullet at the Assago Forum, and in the end not even the large final gap is news or disturbs much. Without a fundamental player like Michal Sokolowski and a useful change of longs like Matteo Chillo it was not only utopian to think that TvB could really hope to emerge as the winner from the confrontation with the cannibal Milan of this beginning of the season: it was difficult to even imagine that the team di Menetti could aspire to stay in the game avoiding a heavy passive.

It is therefore an expected knockout and also without consequences, especially observing the calendar that offers a blessed stop, useful to allow the Bolognese to dispose of Covid and to make a brace and protective mask for the Pole who will have to reluctantly give up his national team. Compared to the previous releases on the same parquet (or, remaining in the capital, at the Allianz Cloud), the desire to fight is equal to that revealed by the Biancocelesti kids in the useless September Super Cup but the results are identical: Treviso plays yes, but making too much mistake and giving himself only six minutes of authentic solidity. Too bad they arrive in the second half, after hitting -21 (three-point game converted by Shields for 46-25 in the opening of the third quarter) and realizing that the impossible mission would not have succeeded even if under the bark of Weezy Russell there it was Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.

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What can make Coach Menetti smile at least a little is precisely the character reaction of his team, that 15-5 break driven by the usual Russell and the revived Sims (double-double from 16 + 11 after the Cup disasters in Hungary) who seems to reopen the speeches on 51-40, forcing an angry Ettore Messina to call the suspension to harshly reprimand his. The game, if there ever was one, ends at that moment. Upon returning to the field, Milan scores a 29-2 that would stun even the best boxer at cashing. Result on ice for the Milanese who, if anything, have to worry about the blow remedied by Biligha, released on a stretcher after a fortuitous blow to the face received by mate Tarczewski in the garbage time of the last quarter in which the former Alviti is also seen again.

The Nutribullet comes home with a heavy trentello in proportions but with some positive notes in the notepad. First, the mental and technical recovery of Sims, probably the best in the field for TvB; then the desire to fight for every Russell ball – and who knows that Milan has not written down his name for the 2022-23 shopping list. Follows the usual solidity in the rear of Jones, which if only he worked on the frontal game could be a nice surprise, and the usual Phosphor of Dimsa. It is not enough to compete at the Forum, even less with the known absences, but we can settle for this time. Now comes the break, without Akele who will go to the national team, but with the possibility of recharging the batteries in view of a December to be experienced in apnea on both fronts of competition.

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AX ARMANI: Daniels 8 (2/4 from 3), Hall 9 (2/5, 1/4), Shields 15 (4/7, 2/5), Ricci 13 (3/3, 1/3), Tarczewski 6 (3/6); Melli 8 (1/3, 2/3), Grant 6 (3/3, 0/2), Leoni, Biligha 0 (0/1), Alviti 7 (2/2, 1/4), Hines 2 (1 / 3), Datome 11 (2/2, 1/3). All .: Messina.

NUTRIBULLET: Russell 12 (3/8, 0/2), Bortolani 6 (0/3, 2/6), Dimsa 6 (0/5, 2/5), Akele 2 (1/2, 0/3), Sims 16 (2/5, 2/2); Imbrò 3 (0/2, 1/4), Casarin 1 (0/2, 0/2), Jones 7 (2/2, 1/4). Ne: Pellizzari, Vettori. Coach: Menetti.

REFEREES: Paternicò, Quarta, Martial.

NOTES: sq. 24-12, sq. 43-25, sq. 64-42. Tl: MI 13/13, TV 13/15. Da 2 MI 21/35, TV 8/29. From 3: MI 10/28, TV 8/28. Rebounds: MI 7 + 32 (Curls 3 + 5), TV 10 + 23 (Sims 2 + 9). Assist: MI 18 (Grant 5), TV 9 (Russell 3). Lost: MI 11, TV 16. Recovery: MI 9, TV 4. Unsportsmanlike foul to Melli at 12’06 “(27-12) and to Jones at 28’14” (60-42). Injury to Biligha at 35’00 “.

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