Home Sports Treviso Basket holds up 30 ‘against the battleship Virtus at the debut in the playoffs: it ends 91-72

Treviso Basket holds up 30 ‘against the battleship Virtus at the debut in the playoffs: it ends 91-72

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De ‘Longhi, on her debut in the playoffs, remains clinging to the match but in the end suffers a heavy passive from Teodosic and companions

BOLOGNA. One to zero Virtus, welcome to the Treviso Basket playoffs. Fair verdict, logical, even predictable beyond the declarations on the eve that accompany these matches. There is a clear and evident difference between a team that for two years, with various corrective measures, has been competing at very high levels and a team in its second season in Serie A, with only four players who really know what the playoffs are for a national title.

The photo of match1 is emblematic in the ease with which the twenty-one year old Alessandro Pajola mocked both Russell and Imbrò (that is to say an American of the category and his ideal predecessor in the role of the Black Vu), stealing their balls, defending with the maximum possible physicality and even scoring baskets from the bow. The director from the Marches, who has long been elected as Claudio Coldebella’s heir, is the authentic star of a match that De ‘Longhi approaches with sufficient performance in shooting, especially from the bow (50% at mid-race, 38% at the end), but perhaps betraying too much emotionality which, added to the understandable inexperience, does nothing but facilitate Segafredo’s task.

Do not mislead the five points behind the second siren or the fact that up to 33 ° Menetti’s team theoretically remains in the game in the score (76-68): basically Virtus played almost cat and mouse, placing the accelerations at the ideal moment, looking for the long ones as already happened in the regular season and taking away as much space and breath as possible to play and guards.

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In a single juncture the game seemed to reopen, but due to the demerits of Bologna even more than due to Treviso’s merits: the 11 balls thrown to the wind by the hosts in the second quarter provided a minimum of oxygen to TVB who, on the thrust of the aforementioned shot from 3, he was able to mend the gap previously widened up to an encouraging -5 (48-43). The rest was not quite academy but almost. As usual Teodosic was able to do and undo, even allowing himself a block with recovery on Logan’s bomb attempt; Gamble and Hunter approached swept away any resistance; Belinelli was able to assert the experience against Imbrò and the physical size with Logan. Not even Sokolowski was able to do much, despite the announced absence of the Weems leader who theoretically should have made the Pole’s game a little less difficult.

The desire to react has turned into enthusiasm, like Akele’s restarts after a defensive rebound, all turned into missed shots or lost balls in mid-court: serious mistakes against anyone, lethal if committed in a close confrontation with those in season has come to a match since qualification in the Euroleague. Of course, all is not lost for Treviso. Menetti in the 24 hours between the sound of yesterday’s siren and today’s duo ball at 20:45 must have properly catechized his parents. Starting with Vildera, who sat rightly after being speared by Teodosic’s plays in the second quarter, to continue with Akele and Russell, very disappointing in relation to expectations.

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The back-to-back formula offers neither time nor opportunity to mull over the past, so it will be necessary to reset and rethink how to deal with the Segafredo. Maybe making Mekowulu feel less alone and closed, still covered by the huge black and white umbrella in the area, or opening up opportunities for Lockett who is not sorry, net of the pain in his foot. If the goal is to extend the series, Friday evening (at 8.45 pm) is the decisive day for TvB.

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