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Treviso, nerves tense: the summit is already far away

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Cattelan brings forward the LiaPiave from the spot, Fabiano misses the penalty but then draws. The ultras ask for the bill


A point that troubles Treviso, a point that makes LiaPiave great, close to the blitz. The game played yesterday at the Tenni stadium was of a thousand meanings: in the end a 1-1 result was achieved, the stubbornness of Fabiano responded to the penalty of Cattelan, seasoned with 13 yellow cards administered by the referee that reflect a match that gave many emotions.


On the pitch, the Biancocelesti staged the same match that was often seen in this start of the season. Great start, game and offensive maneuvers but little concreteness. For 25 minutes Treviso dominated, but there is no malice. The disadvantage was followed by an excellent reaction, but the limit remains the same: in 4 games only 2 goals scored, both on the development of a corner. There is a problem and, given the quality of the players, maybe it’s all in the players’ heads. The emblem is Pluchino’s bad performance, not the first, and little can Fabiano, the best in the field, and Pozzebon, who entered the second half. Treviso is already 7 points from the top and the lack of results is already making Migliorini hot on the bench.


A game had to be played and LiaPiave did it. The first few minutes of waiting before coming out into the open, at the start of the second half the Gialloblù returned to the field with another look and took an episode to go ahead with Cattelan. It just lacked the verve to kill the match. Then the draw, a lot of suffering and thanks to the great sacrifice of the group, in particular of Paladin, the shots of Treviso did not go to sign while Barra was undoubtedly the best in the field. Three wins and a draw so far that launch LiaPiave high.

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For half the time there is only Treviso on the pitch and the most tempting opportunity comes in the 11th minute with Fabiano’s corner and Masoch’s header with the ball out. Liapiave comes out of his shell and at 32 ‘touches the net with a shot from distance by Scarabel and at 40’ Cattelan from a free-kick forces Fantoni to dive.


Liapiave restarts in fifth but it is Treviso who threw the ball into the net with Fabiano in the 59th minute but Pluchino was offside. A minute later Fantoni lands Paladin in the area and it is a penalty: Cattelan transforms. Two turns of hands and Kostadinovic intercepts a shot from the newly entered Pozzebon in the area with his arm. Fabiano but is hypnotized by Kociaj. At 69 ‘tenth corner for Treviso procured and kicked by Pozzebon, De Poli’s header and Fabiano redeems himself by scoring a penalty in motion. The forcing of Treviso begins, all projected forward, nervousness and frenzy take over. It ends 1-1.


«We lost two points – comments coach Migliorini – In the first half hour there was only one team on the field but we didn’t materialize and then we lowered but without risking. In the second half it turned out badly: we didn’t concede anything, apart from the penalty, and we had a great reaction of pride and we could have won it. I would like to publicly thank the club that has been very close to me this week and I thank the players because they really gave everything, I see a united team. I know that expectations are high and I believe that we can put the situation back on its feet: I know that I have the confidence of the team and I also hope for the club ». At the end of the match there was a confrontation between a delegation of ultras with clubs, players and coaches in which the biancocelesti fans asked for greater commitment.

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«Congratulations to the boys – mister Zoppas begins – They played a big game against a Treviso of another category. We defended with our teeth when it was time to defend, we left when we had to start again. LiaPiave has taken a step forward as a team and as a maturity otherwise in a game like this you can’t take a point home. We have an excellent squad, we are working very well and having 10 points after 4 games is a lot of stuff. Barra has an incredible physicality and if he improves in ball handling times he becomes a luxury for the category ». –

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