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Trezzi: Limana Cavarzano – Fiori Barp will be a great derby

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Ulisse Trezzi with the other managers of Limana Cavarzano

On Saturday at 2.30 pm the highly anticipated Promotion challenge. The president of the hosts: «We expect many fans. We have no obligation to rise to Excellence “

There is no obligation to win the championship, as argued by one of the two presidents, Ulisse Trezzi. At the same time, a great desire to experience a good derby against Fiori Barp and obviously try to get the three points, which among other things would mean overtaking and returning to the top.

Limana Cavarzano is certainly not making any dramas for the slip to second place, as a result of the last three consecutive draws. Certainly he felt more at ease there at the top in front of everyone, in any case we would need more to do the math after eight days of the championship. At the Giallorossoblù home the confidence remains in view of the derby scheduled for Saturday in Limana against Fiori Barp first in the standings and ahead by two points (20 to 18).

In the meantime, it is the public issue that is perhaps of major concern in the home society. There are few seats in the one central grandstand and many will have to be content with seeing the match from the sidelines. But even there, gatherings must be avoided. The club is organizing itself and someone had even thought of an alternative field to play. Perhaps there is a lack of technical times, but for sure with good weather it is easy to assume the arrival of several hundred people.

President, let’s start from this very theme. A large influx of audiences is expected.

«We have all the best intentions to welcome those who will come to the camp in the best possible way. Unfortunately, however, the limitations of the case must be taken into account. No more than eighty people can sit in the stands and let’s imagine that more than a hundred spectators along the fence cannot go. They will be well distributed along the perimeter of the game. Certainly we will try to be rigorous in the checks and several volunteers will help in the control of the green pass and sale of the coupons, which beyond a certain threshold will no longer be detached. Perhaps the interest in the match was partly underestimated, especially anticipating it to Saturday. In the next few hours we will take stock of the situation ».

Certainly, especially in the case of a category jump, Limana would need several improvements. First of all, at least one additional grandstand.

“We are always in constant dialogue with the municipality, which has to deal with resources and in any case has never shied away from helping us. In the meantime, there is a commitment on their part regarding the refurbishment of the changing rooms, but more generally the area will have to be handled ».

We come to the sporting aspect. You are now second and haven’t won in three days. A case or not?

“We have never been in real danger, and that already speaks volumes. Then we are dealing with heavy defections, especially in attack, so much so that on Sunday we have to resort to the attacker Fontana, who is a central defender. For sure the boys are training well and we are happy with the team’s progress so far. We want to play for it in the derby, knowing that we are facing an equally strong team. They have hired quality footballers, their president is a person of great intelligence and they carry on the work planned over the years ».

How much is a need for you to go up in category?

“No obligation. We are pursuing a fruitful collaboration with Cavarzano and if Excellence will be, he will have to allow us to stay there, perhaps giving space to some of our youngsters. If we get promoted well, otherwise we’ll try again next year. The duel is tight, in addition to us and Fiori Barp there are also Fossalta Piave and Julia Sagittaria, without forgetting some Treviso team. The organizational and corporate priorities, after two years of the pandemic, are other. In any case, we try to do the best possible, making use, among other things, of a very prepared technician ».

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