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Turin has the Bertram match ball on the assault to keep the series alive

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Final match 4 tonight at PalaOltrepo, guests ahead 2-1 Ramondino studies how to limit the big players of Reale Mutua


«We are back to the wall, game 4 will be very hard», warns coach Marco Ramondino. After Thursday’s beating in which the Lions lost 30 points, Bertram tonight (duo at 21 at PalaOltrepo) can no longer make a mistake with Turin, to keep alive the final series of the Silver board that sees Reale Mutua lead 2-1. Turin on Thursday stormed the Vogherese building with a very high level offensive test, also the result of an excellent defense. Bertram tried to oppose, but could not withstand the impact of the Cavina players.

Ramondino relies on the emotional component, not being able to intervene on the physical form. «Turin has shown us all its strength, its organization and determination – says the coach from Tortona -. We will need to play a game at the level we know, we owe it first of all to ourselves for the wonderful season we have done and because we want to force game 5. We will field everything we have, even for the people who are supporting us with great enthusiasm in this one. final historical ». To bring the series to Game 5 (scheduled for Tuesday in Turin), Tortona will have to show the best version of herself by limiting the impact of the big Pimkins (21 points on Thursday, devastating in the low post), Campani and Diop, and at the same time sending more players in double digits.

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Black Thursday to be canceled

«We have to reset Thursday’s bad performance and resist the physical impact that Turin will put on the field. We will have to be good at putting physicality in the area and making them move the ball with more difficulty than in game 3 ». On the other hand, the Turinese have very high morale. “We come from one of the best games of the season where we responded to the home defeat in game 2 – comments the assistant coach Carlo Campigotto – It would be easy to say that we have to try to replicate what we have done, but we will certainly meet a different Tortona who will do it. anything to prevent us from winning the series ». The match is visible on Mediasport channels (Dtt and channel 814 of the Sky satellite bouquet). In the final of the Gold draw, Udine won game 3 extending the series with Napoli leading 2-1 (game 4 tonight at 18.30).

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