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Turin-Lazio 0-0: Milinkovic saves on Immobile

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Turin-Lazio 0-0: Milinkovic saves on Immobile

The grenades do not realize the superiority of the first half, Milinkovic decisive on Sarri’s striker in the second half

by our correspondent Mario Pagliara

A point each can give satisfaction to both Toro and Lazio. Until the hour of play the grenades were preferred in terms of the game, then when the petrol started to run out, the biancocelesti came out. Who had the best opportunities to take home the game: three and all at close range against a super Vanja Milinkovic. And all wasted in sequence by Marusic, Immobile and Sergej Milinkovic.


When you get to the middle of the first half there is a data offered by the statistics that strikes the eye: it is the possession of the ball of the Juric Bull above 65%, he will drop to 55% at the interval. The substance changes little, it reflects a trend: in the first half they saw on one side a Toro who tried to dribble and hit vertically with the usual and accentuated high pressure of Juric’s teams; on the other a Lazio that had very few chromosomes from Maurizio Sarri’s game, due to large static sections and more concerned with controlling Singo and Aina on the flanks, Vlasic and Radonjic on the trocar. By the way, as was foreseeable Juric balances his attack against a back four by positioning the attacking midfielder in the center (Vlasic, on his debut from the first minute, and not Lukic on the bench) with Radonjic wide on the left in line with Sanabria. Buon Toro, therefore, at the start. The first danger is the grenade brought by Sanabria after 9 ‘: diagonal just outside. Provedel comes out twice with butterflies (on 4 ‘and 23’) but the grenades do not take advantage of it. At 24 ‘instead Marusic catches the double defensive lightness of Djidji (too much space for Zaccagni, he is the assist) and Singo who completely loses Marusic. Milinkovic keeps a cool head and avoids prank. In the end of the first half, the inertia of the match is rebalanced: Buongiorno anticipates Immobile everywhere, Radonjic does not find the starting point. It goes 0-0 at the interval.

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In the second half, Toro also starts well, stationing in the quarter of an hour of start in the Lazio half. But then, slowly, fatigue begins to be felt (especially in Linetty and Singo) and Lazio, helped by the addition of Basic and Marcos Antonio who bring fresh forces, begins to grow by gaining the field. In the heart of the second half there is the best moment of Sarri’s team: Immobile finds himself twice in a good position but first a good closure by Milinkovic (10 ‘) then Djidji’s legs (18’) do not allow him to find glory . The only mistake of Buongiorno’s match is an involuntary assist to Sergej Milinkovic (21 ‘): the duel between his brother is born, with the goalkeeper of Toro Vanya winning the corner. Fifteen minutes from the end, Juric throws Lazaro, Pellegri and Lukic into the fray and Toro benefits by recovering some energy. But not much else happens and you end up without a goal.

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