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Turin, yellow during the ATP Finals final: a 200 thousand euro watch was stolen from Medvedev

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TURIN. How much is the watch of Daniil Medvedev, world number two tennis player and runner-up at the Nitto Atp Finals in Turin worth?

They say that the «Bovet OttantaSei» of the bad boy of international tennis, the irreverent prodigy who yawns in the face of the blue Jannik Sinner, costs as much as a small apartment in the center: about 200 thousand euros. And it could not be otherwise given that there are only 86 examples. One is his. In the hand of a collector who intends to keep it in a display case it could even be worth more. Much more.

Now, Medvedev’s watch is at the center of a small mystery that colored the last night of the Turin ATP yellow. He disappeared – they say – from the champion’s locker room. Volatilized despite a supervisory system worthy of a bank vault. Disappeared under the eyes of a few hundred people, perhaps immediately after the final match. Finished with Medvedev second and German champion Zverev. With a prize for the number one who sails around one million euros: one hundred thousand more, one hundred thousand less.

Hordes of attendants and security personnel searched for that watch for hours. And it magically reappeared yesterday morning on the wrist of an ATP executive who was about to get on a plane. Her name is guarded as the last of Fatima’s secrets. Even if, with this story, the manager has nothing to do with it. He would only be the man in charge of delivering the blue Bovet to its rightful owner. That is to trace the young Russian tennis player residing in Monte Carlo and return that timepiece immortalized in all – or almost all – the posters of these Apt made in Turin. Now, the tale of the night of hunting the mysteriously vanished Bovet is full of holes. And I don’t even remember many of them. But it went more or less like this.

The man who wanted to return it was stopped at the airport before departure

Towards midnight Daniil Medvedev wrote down what had happened. Police, carabinieri, finance, all lined up and all in trouble. The world fool could be around the corner: a thief in the ATP is absolutely not tolerable for the city that has played so much on the front of reliability and hospitality. The fact is that when the night was high and the celebrations were underway someone stepped forward and said “I got the tennis player’s watch.” And as in the most classic of chains and word of mouth «Bovet OttantaSei» has gone the opposite way. From hand to hand. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, the final party of the ATP was staged: the last act for this edition of the super challenge among the eight best tennis players in the world. Become ten, because two have withdrawn.

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The breaking latest news of the journey back from the stolen – or perhaps lost – clock tells that the Bovet has re-crossed the city. And it ended up with the executive. What – they say – he should have gone to return to the owner, and with “many apologies for the unpleasant misunderstanding”.

Could this story end like this? Absolutely not, because everyone was looking for that watch. And then there was an official report. And so, who knows these things, in the morning he alerted the police. Who reconstructed everything and phoned the manager already on the road: “Come to us and bring back the watch.” He, who was already there with one foot on the ladder of the plane and with the Bovet on his wrist, did not bend. He asked for the trolley back and turned back: towards Turin. Delivery reports and thank you very much for your collaboration: sooner or later the watch will return to the Russian tennis player’s wrist.

But who is the man who put an apartment in his pocket? They say he is an “employee” even if what is not specified. And – obviously throwing water on the fire – they explain that he had “found it and had collected it so that it would not be lost”. Sara. The fact is that in the middle of the night someone called him and said “be smart, bring him back.” And so the Bovet with its titanium and red gold case reappeared. Finished mystery. Indeed no. The clock has returned home. The yellow remains.

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