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TvB, hand to the agenda: what a challenging September

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For De ‘Longhi, the dates of the matches of the Super Cup groups and the Champions League preliminaries must be set


It will be a high-tension September for Treviso Basket. Between the group stage of the Super Cup and the qualifying round of the Basketball Champions League, the Biancoceleste team is likely to add five matches in just two weeks, playing at a frenetic pace. With the pending uncertainty of a possible qualification for the Supercoppa Final Eight coinciding with the entry race to the regular season of BCL to further complicate the picture. According to what has emerged in recent days, in fact, the triple selection round for entry into the FIBA ​​Cup will be held between 13 and 17 September in Final Six format (first qualifiers on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 between the teams with the worst continental ranking ). An appointment that will require the utmost attention from all the contenders, including De ‘Longhi who will be called in the previous ten days to compete in the three-way qualifying round for the Super Cup Final Eight.

Yes, because Legabasket seems to have decided to partially confirm last year’s format of the late summer competition, perhaps to allow the clubs, exhausted by the pandemic, a couple of extra box office receipts. Excluding Virtus Bologna, Milan, Pesaro and Brindisi, already qualified for the final phase, the other teams admitted to the next Serie A – including the Naples of the former TVB Uglietti, Lombardi and Parks, newly promoted – will compete for the remaining four places in the groups from 3, with matches every 48 hours starting September 4th.

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For TvB, the Super Cup group could constitute a distraction of strength and energy from the BCL goal, even assuming that the Biancoceleste club can get to play their games in the first four rounds, from 4 to 10 September. However, there is the risk of overlapping: what would happen if by hypothesis De ‘Longhi were to gain access to the F8 Supercoppa (17-18-19 September) and also to the decisive F6 match of the continental qualifying round, scheduled always on September 17th? Meanwhile, the company is waiting for the draw to be held in Geneva in eight days to find out about the locations of the Cup play-offs and opponents, hoping to avoid pitfalls and traps.

Speaking of the Champions League, one of the teams admitted to the regular season loses a valuable piece as Nikos Zisis announced his retirement at 38: the play, who won the 2006 Scudetto in Treviso, had returned last summer to the team that had him. launched at a very young age in the Euroleague twenty years ago, in an epic defensive duel against Marcus Brown’s Benetton. –

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