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TvB, it is forbidden to miss Soko out, but Akele is there to regulate the Lavrio

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Nutribullet with the Greeks without the Pole, the winger returns after the knockout The “first” for Tabellini: “It will be the restart, I am charged”


Let’s start from the main point: Nutribullet Treviso-Lavrio Megabolt is played. The Greeks will miss two for Covid but the rest is fine and yesterday they landed in Treviso. The other good news is the confirmation that Nicola Akele has forged ahead and will be there tonight; the bad one is that Michal Sokolowski will stay out for a distraction in his right calf. Let’s add that coach Menetti was negativized, but the team will be managed by his deputy Francesco Tabellini, in his absolute debut in A as head coach even if Max could give suggestions somewhere in Palaverde. It will also be the last race with Davide Casarin’s TvB, of which we report separately.

In short, there are many news around this match, one of the Champions League play-ins, which marks a key point of the Treviso Basket season, back from three league defeats, the last of which on December 27th. So it will be to be seen if and how in these 16 days the team has managed to recharge in front of the prospect of accessing the Top 16 of the Cup. «Nobody likes to see performances like the one with Brescia – admits coach Tabellini – in the meantime, forced to reprogram ourselves from a technical-tactical but also emotional point of view, we tried to find ourselves in the gym, working on this basis. As always we have been attentive to the workload, also considering the calendar that awaits us, without overloading the players but increasing the intensity, to find a basketball of a certain brilliance. So I believe that all the conditions are in place to play a tough game, which represents a kind of restart. As for me, I will think like a head coach, a role that I have already held in the past: I will only have to take a step forward. What is certain is that I am very determined and energized, confident in a great match in Treviso. With the hope that many fans will arrive (the maximum capacity, with 35%, is 1870 seats, ed)».

Scoreboards, you need to get together quickly, you can’t fail to race one at home. «We are in a great European competition, the opponents are of a high level: proud to be there. Lavrio is a young club, in the top flight since 2015 but last year, for example, was a finalist in the Greek playoffs and Serellis coach of the year. Practice the typical Hellenic basketball, pugnacious, hard, made of contacts, which we will have to beat with speed, “getting our hands dirty” to equalize their physicality. They have changed quite a lot in the roster but the base has remained so we expect a competitive Lavrio ».

TvB will have to have infinite patience against a team that, aware of its offensive limits (it only scores 68.5 per game, 30 in the second half, no one does worse), systematically tries to keep the score as low as possible. The only one who travels in double figures is the center Dimitrios Kaklamanakis, a 2.05 with 13 points and 8 rebounds. So far the Greeks are 3-3 and away they have always lost, with margins always in double figures, maximum of 17: to undermine his slow play in attack and hard in defense must therefore be a great aggression by Nutribullet, from which trigger fast counter-attacks and transitions. After the departure of Tyson Carter, who went to Turkey, the game of the giallis is made even more speculative: Lavrio qualified with 3-3, in the Greek championship, however, the Piraeus team is fifth at 16 points, with 5 wins and 6 defeats. After tonight, the play ins will move to Athens on the 18th, if it is necessary to make an appointment at Palaverde on Thursday 20th. –

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