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TvB recites the mea culpa “We did not expect such a difference. A complicated game”

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Bortolani (in the national team with Akele): “But the balance is good” Russell: “From an early age we dream of playing in those fields”


Against Milan: -48 in the Super Cup and oh well, we know in what conditions that match was played. E -30 yesterday. In Assago this year, before Treviso, the Trentino player had not taken him: Sassari actually came close with -29 but that Armani was full, instead the other night, apart from the three unavailable (Mitoglu, Delaney and Moraschini) was also missing Chacho Rodríguez, who was kept at rest. Of course, on the other side there were no Sokolowski and Chillo but, apart from a flash in the third quarter, there was never a game. It is not like Treviso Basket to lose like this. In short, given the premises and the statements of Max Menetti (“we are not satisfied with an honorable defeat”) we were hoping perhaps not in a bang but, at least, in greater resistance in the face, in any case, of the dominatrix of the championship.

giordano: «the blue? I am happy”

«Probably not even us expected a gap like this – admits the former Giordano Bortolani, who has been in Rome with Akele since yesterday – we knew we were a bit limited in the rotations, equally we could have done a better performance. Milan, on the other hand, has felt absences much less, there they practically have two teams at their disposal ». It wasn’t the best way to experience the break. «Yes, but we knew we were facing one of the strongest teams in Europe, as we were perfectly aware that it would be a very complicated match for us. Better to think about the next one already ». An assessment of this first part of the season? «I would say positive. In the championship we have always been in the top eight, in a short ranking where you can go up and down easily, in the Champions League if we manage to win the next two we would be qualified. And for us it would be a great achievement ». Now he is back in the national team: a great satisfaction. “Absolutely yes, it’s something that makes me so happy, I’m happy. Sometimes it is also nice to disconnect from the championship and have a slightly different week in a beautiful environment like the blue one ».

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WEEZY: “very tough opponent”

Few regrets also for DeWayne “Weezy” Russell, who takes it with a certain philosophy: «We knew perfectly well that we were facing a really strong opponent who proved to be such on the pitch. There was something that we certainly could have done better, in fact with some small corrections we were also able to have some positive moments. During the break, the coach gave us the energy to return to the field with more energy, in the third quarter we had a great shot where there was more energy. Now we need to work on this to lengthen these moments as much as possible. Anyway it is always a great emotion to play at the Forum, from an early age we dream of being in fields like that: an experience that we will have to exploit for the future ».

also part dimsa

As mentioned, Bortolani and Akele are in the national team, Dimsa is in the Lithuanian one while Sokolowski had to give up the Polish one due to a face injury. The situation of Chillo, hit by Covid and still in isolation, needs to be monitored daily. The rest of the team have been granted three days of rest, preparation for the match against Reggio Emilia on 5-12 will therefore resume on Thursday in Sant’Antonino. –

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