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“Tvb, the enthusiasm of the public is a contagious sin due to the limitations imposed by Covid”

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Gherardini, the general manager of Benetton of triumphs, was at Palaverde on Sunday to see the match against Reggio


Treviso Basket can win even in this way, by force, as once liked to do at Maurizio Gherardini’s Benetton, illustrious witness in the night at Palaverde who gave Nutribullet a crowded, but equally prestigious, third place. As anticipated by coach Menetti, against Reggiana there would have been to suffer, and a lot, given that the group of coach Caja had already won twice away and forced Milan to the lowest home gap of the season. And it was suffering. Then for once, and if you look closely, this is the best news, two Italians, a 21-year-old, Giordano Bortolani, solved the matter, the other is the “veteran” of TvB, captain Matteo Imbrò.

«It was known that it would not be an easy match», comments Gherardini, who has been at Fenerbahçe for 7 years, «because it is never easy to return after a break, especially against an opponent who proved to be well organized. Treviso took a while to fuel up but then it proved to be worth the ranking it has and to deserve the good things it has done so far. As the minutes went by, he found good interpreters, especially Italians: Imbrò and Bortolani were fundamental in a match. All confirmations of the good season that Nutribullet is experiencing ».

And that is arousing the enthusiasm of the public.

«The public helps the team, for sure. Too bad that today we are as we know, with the limitations in turnout due to Covid, but I saw that the fans made themselves feel the same ».

How are things going for you in Turkey?

“I would say well in the league, where Fenerbahçe (Achille Polonara also plays, coach is Sasha Djordjevic, ed) is first, in the Euroleague on the contrary we are suffering. It’s a season like this, but it’s still long and so we hope to recover. It’s tough, as always, after all that’s the beauty of this sport ».

Will we ever see her again in Italy?

«Better to think about the present, making plans for the future is never too wise. The best program for me today is to be a grandfather… ».

December of fire. The month of December, which started well by beating UnaHotels, promises to be really important for the fate of Treviso Basket, especially at a European level. In fact, the team will play the last two matches of its Champions Cup group and will have to win both to be sure of reaching the Top 16: first 14 in Riga, Latvia, then 22 at Palaverde against Aek still upset by Stevan’s death. Jelovac. As for the championship, the third place will begin to be defended in the early Saturday at 20 in Villorba against the launched Carpegna Pesaro, then transferred to Brindisi, on the 19th, to find old friend Frank Vitucci, and finally on the 26th, Santo Stefano, there is the home match against Germani Brescia.

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