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Two Canavese in Promotion Saturday debut for Eporedia Bricks Sunday is the turn of the Golden River

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This week begins the Basketball Promotion Championship, organized on a regional basis. There are two Canavese clubs registered in the championship this season. Both were included in group C: they are Ivrea’s Eporedia Bricks and Golden River.

The first team to take the field is that of Eporedia Bricks, who will be judged on the bench by Piero Piermattei, who will play at home tomorrow Saturday 6 November at 6 pm at the Falcone gym in Ivrea against Condove. The match will be directed by Chieppa di Ternengo (Biella). L’Eporediedia Bricks is a fledgling company, The word bricks is English, it means bricks. The reference is to the “bricks” (strong shots without precision) that are shot on the board. The new company was established on September 1st by Alessandro Alberto, Enrico Pensa, Piero Piermattei, Edoardo Alberto and Gabriele Pensa. President is Alessandro Alberto, Enrico Pensa the deputy. The goal is to let all those kids play who still want to play basketball, but who, for various reasons of study or work, no longer have, or never had, space in the senior teams of Ivrea and its surroundings.

The Golden River is instead a veteran of the promotion championship. It is always chaired by Marco Cusinato. The debut in the league will be next Sunday 7 November at 9 pm at the Falconieri di San Giorgio against Bussoleno. The match refereed by: D’Errico from Grugliasco and Della Foresta from Turin.

With the agreement that had already been finalized before the Covid pandemic with Usac, several young people who have double membership have arrived, playing with both under 19 rivarolese and in promotion in San Giorgio. The team is always coached by Mattia Ferraris, who will have Stefano Zuliani as his assistant. In addition to the team that plays in the Promotion, the company has also entered one in the First Division. She will be coached by Loris Rozzarin and will start the championship next week.

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These are the Golden River players who will face the next Promotion Championship; playmaker: Michele Piovano, Manuel Contiero, Alberto Chiartano. Guards: Andrea Chiartano, Filippo Battaglia, Cosimo Cutri, Gabriele Zocchi, Marco Campigotto, Francesco Vicario, Alberto Tuberosa. Wings: Matteo Turri, Marco Ferrera, Alberto Baudino, Filippo Grimaldi, Pietro Grimaldi. Centers: Cristian Moisa, Matteo Manavello.

Here is the program of the first day of the championship for group C; (Friday 5 November, starting time in brackets): Rosta-Basket Nole (21); Unisport-Basket Leini (20.30); Giaveno basketball-Polisportiva Reba (21.15); (Saturday 6 November): Eporedia Bricks-Condove (18); (Sunday 7 November): B&B Barra-Victoria Torino (20.30); Golden River-Bussoleno (21). –

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