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Two-color ball first prize blowout 19 bets Anhui three-place lottery player wins the same prize_Anhui Net

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Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Dawan News November 30, the double color ball first prize blowout 19 bets. Among them, lottery players from three places in Anhui won the same prize, and they were happy to win the first prize with 3 bets. This is also the first prize of the 46th, 47th, and 48th double-ball bets won by the Anhui lottery players this year.

On November 30, the China Welfare Lottery Shuangseqiu 2021137 draw was drawn. The red ball numbers of the two-color ball in the current period are 03, 07, 10, 14, 21, 24, and the blue ball number is 01. There are 19 first prizes in the country, and the single bet bonus is more than 6.42 million yuan. The first prize of 19 bets is 10 places: Guizhou 4 bets, Anhui 3 bets, Shaanxi 3 bets, Beijing 2 bets, Sichuan 2 bets, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chongqing, and Shenzhen each have 1 bet for a total of 19 bets. One of the first prize special prizes is: Anhui 1 bet, Chongqing 1 bet, Sichuan 2 bet, Shaanxi 3 bet, and Guizhou 4 bet.

According to the search, the Anhui three-note awards came from Hefei, Bengbu and Bozhou. Among them, Hefei Fucai No. 34010439 betting station located at Haihuicai Bar, Xinguichi Road, Hefei City, with a 10 yuan “6+5” double ticket, a lottery player won 1 first prize and 4 second prizes. , The winning prize was more than 6.91 million yuan. Bengbu Fucai No. 34022045 betting station located at the west gate of Yihaobo Jingcheng, Huancheng West Road, Wuhe County, Bengbu City, a lottery player won 1 first prize and 2 bets with a 6 yuan “6+3” double ticket. Note the second prize, winning more than 6.66 million yuan. Bozhou Fucai No. 34171035 betting station located in Caishi Street, Gangkou New Village, Bozhou City, with a 56 yuan “8+1” double ticket, a lottery player won 1 bet of the first prize and 1 bet of 2.27 million of the first prize. Award (in accordance with the conditions for the award), won a total of 8.73 million yuan in prize money.

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