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Two “Double Olympic venues” are ready, the National Aquatics Center has completed the conversion of water to ice

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  The National Gymnasium Reconstruction and Expansion Project is over and the two “Double Olympic Stadiums” are ready

  The National Aquatics Center has completed the water-to-ice conversion

The “Meet in Beijing” Speed ​​Skating China Open has successfully concluded at the “Ice Ribbon” of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium a few days ago. The National Aquatics Center “Ice Cube” and the National Stadium will soon usher in the competitions. A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from Chaoyang District yesterday that the National Aquatics Center venue has completed the “water-to-ice conversion” and will become the largest curling venue in the history of the Winter Olympics. It is the world’s only water and ice event. Double Olympic venues in operation. The renovation and expansion of the National Stadium has been completed, and the construction of temporary facilities has entered the stage. It is expected to be completed on November 5.

Guidelines for epidemic prevention and control measures are set up in 14 key areas

The “Meet in Beijing” series of winter sports events are being held in full swing. Chaoyang District involves 2 international events, 2 domestic test events, 3 competition venues, multiple reception hotels, and service guarantees are intricate. While rigorously preventing and controlling the epidemic, meet with the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Beijing Series of Winter Sports Events (Chaoyang) to do detailed service guarantee work with heart and soul to ensure the orderly progress of the test competition.

Epidemic prevention and control is the top priority of event planning. The Beijing Division (Chaoyang) Organizing Committee of the “Meet in Beijing” series of winter sports events has formulated a meticulous and operable medical and epidemic prevention work plan, including epidemic prevention and control, and hygiene. There are four detailed sub-plans for supervision, medical security, and emergency response to public health emergencies, and there are specific epidemics in 14 key areas such as transportation, accommodation, catering, ticketing and seating, competition venues and training venues, and media interviews. Guidelines for prevention and control measures.

The test competition realized closed-loop and non-closed-loop area management. The venues and reception hotels were classified and accurately prevented and controlled to ensure that the areas did not overlap, the flow lines did not cross, the borders must be strictly controlled, and the personnel did not cross the area. In addition, COVID-19 nucleic acid testing is also carried out regularly. According to the number of various types of personnel and different risk levels during the competition, it is determined that the personnel inside the closed loop will be sampled and tested once a day, and those outside the closed loop will be sampled and tested every other day.

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It is understood that before the start of the competition, Chaoyang District has completed nucleic acid sampling, venues preventive disinfection, personnel streamline division, distribution of epidemic prevention materials, full-staff training and assessment, catering staff Noro test and 14-day health monitoring, etc., air-conditioning, water quality, air testing, etc. It has also been put in place. During the game, medical personnel and epidemic prevention personnel are in place, ambulances are on standby, closed-loop management, health monitoring, symptom monitoring, preventive disinfection, nucleic acid testing… The sophisticated medical support and epidemic prevention command and dispatch mechanism are in and out of the competition venues and in the reception hotels Implementation on the ground.

Up to now, each site has completed 1,1989 nucleic acid tests, 2,259 environmental tests, 251 Noro tests, and 180 environmental tests; a total of 936,000 square meters have been eliminated; 85,752 health monitoring has been carried out, and the nucleic acid tests have all been negative. A total of 83 supervision and inspections have been carried out.

The National Speed ​​Skating Stadium successfully passed the “test”

A few days ago, the “Meet in Beijing” Speed ​​Skating Open officially ended. The National Speed ​​Skating Stadium has successfully completed the relevant preparations and organization work. It has passed the “test” of international competitions and has won widespread praise from athletes and coaches for its thoughtful service. During the three-day competition, the participants were deeply impressed by the magnificent stadium buildings, the mirror-like competition venues, the good equipment and facilities, the rigorous and orderly organization of the competition, and the meticulous service. It is reported that in order to do a good job in organizing the competition, the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium has strengthened its connection with international individual organizations.

In terms of ice making, the lead ice maker Mark Messer from Canada led 3 foreign teams and 8 domestic teams to make ice together. The Chinese and foreign teams cooperated and adjusted the ice surface quality in time according to the feedback from the athletes to create for the athletes. The good results have laid the foundation, and we will work together to achieve the goal of building the “fastest ice” in the plains. At the same time, the test competition also hired two foreign sports exhibition experts to lead the Chinese team to carry out innovative attempts such as ice projection system and special lighting to create a more dazzling and cooler atmosphere.

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The world’s first double Olympic venue is about to usher in a “test”

The National Aquatics Center and the National Gymnasium are about to usher in new events. At present, the two major “double Olympic venues” are also fully prepared. The world’s first double Olympic venue to achieve “water-to-ice conversion” is about to usher in a “test”. The “Meet in Beijing” domestic curling test event and the meeting in Beijing Quintiles 2021 World Wheelchair Curling Championship will soon kick off at the National Swimming Center. Among them, from October 16th to 17th, domestic curling testing activities will take the lead, including 16 mixed double curling competitions. From October 22nd to 30th, the Beijing Quintiles 2021 World Wheelchair Curling Championship will be held. 12 teams including the Chinese team will participate in this World Championship. According to the official schedule, October 22 is the official training day, and the 23-30 is the official competition day, for a total of 72 games.

At present, the stadium has completed the “water-to-ice conversion” and once again realized the gorgeous turn of the “Water Cube” to the “Ice Cube”, relying on the innovative application of technologies such as a convertible structural system and a removable ice making system. The “Ice Cube” will become the largest curling venue in the history of the Winter Olympics. It will be the world’s only double Olympic venue that can operate both on water and on ice. It is also the world’s first curling track on the swimming pool. Olympic venues.

In terms of competition preparations, the venues have conducted repeated simulation exercises and tabletop exercises in more than 30 business areas ranging from competition organization, venue operation, infrastructure to medical and epidemic prevention, food and accommodation, transportation, media services, and volunteers, making sufficient preparations. In accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the venue has formulated a “one hall, one policy” epidemic prevention and control overall plan and special plans. In addition, the venue has also newly “posted” a batch of intelligent robots, providing intelligent, contactless services in cleaning and killing, mobile temperature measurement, epidemic prevention supervision, guidance, and intelligent distribution. Many technological highlights will be unveiled during the test competition.

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4 science and technology projects will be launched in the National Stadium

Meet the Beijing domestic ice hockey test event will be held from November 10th to November 14th in the National Stadium, a total of 5 games and 15 training sessions, 4 teams from Beijing participated. As the main venue for the event, the National Stadium has made full preparations.

At present, the related projects for the reconstruction and expansion of the National Stadium have been completed and the construction of temporary facilities has entered the stage. Among them, 80% of the outdoor construction of temporary facilities has been completed, and 30% of the indoor construction has been completed. It is expected to be completed on November 5. The deployment of the main body of the competition network construction has been basically completed, and the conditions for opening are met. The competition time technical equipment and 2,648 security materials have entered the field one after another. At the same time, taking into account the characteristics of the national pavilion’s event preparation and the actual situation of foreign personnel arriving in Beijing in multiple batches, the venue has compiled a time schedule accurate to the minute to achieve refined management of the overall preparation work.

In the November test event, the National Stadium will also plan to launch 4 science and technology Winter Olympics projects. Among them, in terms of “smart medical treatment”, it is planned to use a comprehensive treatment vehicle for maxillofacial trauma, known as the “smart cabin” of the ice hockey hall, which can complete the on-site imaging examination and artificial intelligence diagnosis of maxillofacial trauma within 5 minutes. The doctor’s review showed that the accuracy rate of artificial intelligence diagnosis reached more than 96%, which helped to improve the efficiency of on-site diagnosis and treatment of maxillofacial trauma. In terms of smart epidemic prevention, the National Stadium will use multi-scene three-dimensional key technologies and demonstration applications for the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. For the key epidemic prevention areas of the National Stadium, carry out the disinfection of pathogenic microorganisms in the air, cooling circulating water and hot water systems in the stadium, and carry out the test of efficient and intelligent disinfection robots.

Text/Reporter Li Zewei


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