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two Lyon supporters tried in January

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two Lyon supporters tried in January

Two Lyon supporters will be tried on January 16 in Marseille, accused of having made Nazi salutes and of having uttered racist cries during the incidents which led to the postponement, on October 29, of the Ligue 1 match OM-OL, announced the prosecution, Thursday December 7.

A total of three Lyon supporters were placed in police custody on Tuesday as part of the investigation opened by the Marseille prosecutor’s office for “provocation of racial hatred and racial insults”. The third supporter arrested had his custody lifted on Tuesday evening.

Following these incidents in the stands and the excesses outside the stadium, the stone-throwing of the OL players’ bus and a bus of Lyon supporters, this meeting of the 10th day of Ligue 1 was postponed to December 6. And it went off without a hitch on Wednesday, this time in the absence of the Lyon supporters, who had been banned from traveling, and ended with a 3-0 victory for OM.

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The two supporters placed under judicial supervision

The two men referred Thursday, aged 33 and 34, were placed under judicial supervision, notably “ban on attending official or friendly OL matches”, “half-time scoring obligation” of these matches and “ban on appearing in Marseille”, according to the press release from the Marseille prosecutor’s office. They would be members or close to a group of ultra supporters of Olympique Lyonnais called “Mezza Lyon”, a group not recognized by OL.

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In the parking lot where the 600 Lyon supporters authorized to come to Marseille on October 29 were installed, “some of the Lyon supporters made Nazi salutes and [ont poussé] monkey cries for Marseille supporters », detailed the day after the events the public prosecutor of Marseille, Nicolas Bessone. OL had condemned “firmly condemns the unacceptable racist behavior of individuals in the park” et “requested the videos to identify the authors”.

According to images posted on social networks, members of the Mezza Lyon group, linked to the far right and officially not welcome in the parks, had waved their black flag bearing a white map of France on a black background.

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Two other judicial investigations opened

After these events, the group of Bad Gones supporters denounced “an infiltration of the neo-Nazi group Mezza Lyon into the Lyon parking lot”, in the front row of their corner of the stadium. Members of this small Mezza Lyon group were convicted in 2012 for racist tags in a premises in Saint-Etienne.

These incidents in the stands caused by Lyon supporters were only part of the excesses which led to the postponement of the “Olympico”, the duel between the two Olympics, the flagship match of this championship day.

Two other legal investigations had thus been opened by the Marseille prosecutor’s office for “intentional violence in a meeting” after the stone-throwing of the OL players’ bus, during which the Rhone coach Fabio Grosso was injured, and of a bus of Lyon supporters.

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OL’s Italian coach has since been dismissed from his position and replaced by Pierre Sage, the former director of the Lyon training center.


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Following these racist acts of October 29, Lyon supporters will be banned from traveling for one fixed match and three suspended matches in Ligue 1, the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) decided on Wednesday.

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