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Udinese, another cue at San Siro: the future remains to be understood, between the transfer market and the unknown coach

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The disappointment of Udinese players after the defeat at San Siro against Inter

Five goals from Inter, eighth defeat in the last 11 games with Musso and De Paul at the start and Gotti’s fate to be clarified

MILANO. Matter of soundtrack after yet another Juventus cue: while Inter can sing “We are the champions of Italy”, Udinese can try their hand at the Rich and Poor and their workhorse: “What will be”. Which will be even if paròn Gianpaolo Pozzo, on the eve of his 80 years – best wishes – spoke in a hyperbolic way of Champions dreams that now in the province belong only to Atalanta, Guidolin’s times are far away, yesterday in the stands at San Siro to comment the match before the Scudetto party to Dazn’s microphones. The eight defeats in the last eleven games must be a sort of knot in the handkerchief for those who will build Udinese next year, even if you can flag a salvation that is all in all peaceful. The eight penalties suffered in the final nine days represent more of a litmus test for a team that played too lightly when it came to ending the season with great dignity and honor, as did Sampdoria, for example, stubborn in pursuing a useless quota 52 which gave her a platonic ninth place but above all the respect of all.

Nothing to do yesterday Udinese made the figure of the team that challenges the Harlem Globetrobbers, the one that not only never wins, but also gets taken for a ride, while the public also enjoys the arrogant plays of the champions, because the ‘yellow intervention by Lautaro Martinez on Becao at 1-0 or Lukaku’s shoulder on Samir three goals, were not a “pretty sight”. But at Inter, after a championship like this one, even the excesses can be forgiven. It is his year, as is also understood by the dynamics of the goals: on the first a Lautaro shot rejected by Bonifazi becomes an assist for Young, on the third Hakimi earns a penalty to Cuadrado, on the fourth Perisic scores with a right the bells of the cathedral of Split), on the fifth Sanchez hits the crossbar and the ball bounces under Lukaku’s chin and slips into Musso’s sack.

Musso who did not make a great figure in front of a thousand of those who could be his future fans, as well as De Paul who came out, after the hour of play, failed to go in double figures, also because the rigor of the flag ( Eriksen’s hand ball on Molina’s cross, signaled by the Var and converted from the spot by Pereyra) was assigned when he was already on the bench, a little sad, a little thoughtful, like the Udinese fans who wonder “What it will be ”if indeed – as it seems – the two Argentine internationals leave, how will the 60 million that in spans should go into the Bianconeri’s coffers be invested. Starting again without a couple of certainties and with a team that is not animated by an indomitable spirit – this can be said of the last eight defeats – is scary, even more so if the outputs could be more, it does little comfort the fact that pawns should be recovered. like Pussetto or Deulofeu who practically did not play.

To these unknowns, the change of technical guide could also be added if in the next few days Gino Pozzo and Luca Gotti decide not to continue together. The Contarina coach still decided to put Udinese in first place in the ranking of preferences, the Juventus club appreciated the early salvation, but without being able to evaluate the actual potential of the squad, thanks to the incidents of the route, so much so that it could propose one more annual contract to Gotti. Will they agree?

The question mark is a must, considering that rumors of possible alternatives continue to circulate, from Maran to Ballardini who could also leave Genoa, with the rampant Zanetti engaged in the play-offs promotion to Serie B with Venezia in the guise of outsiders. But is it worth changing and dismantling the gaming system built by Gotti? Wouldn’t it be better to team up with a level striker, a left leg winger and a quality midfielder? Yes, it sounds like the song of the Rich and the Poor. –


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