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Udinese can recover some points lost on the road from Lazio

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Luca Gotti with Zola and Sarri on the Chelsea bench

The day of the first of two consecutive away matches: the bianconeri could still propose the 3-5-2, but with some news

UDINE. Uncertainty reigns supreme. The only consolation is that Pereyra’s collarbone surgery went well: best wishes to “Tucu” and to Udinese who from today against Lazio and for two months will have to do without a key element for the experience and the ductility.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the tactical moves in view of the clash at Sarri are shrouded in an aura of mystery that had never appeared in the previous two years of the Gotti management. Okay, at times the Contarina technician had surprised by deploying one pawn rather than another, but on a tactical level there was hardly the uncertainty of the last few days. Could it also be the fault of the pressure, of the lack of results that ultimately grips Udinese, so much so that the top management dictate the order to retire immediately after Genoa?

The whistles were not ungenerous towards the bianconeri. A question of attitude. Not of all, for heaven’s sake, but the results added to the lack of determination – let’s call it that – of some elements gave birth to dissatisfaction in the stands at the match that was supposed to celebrate the club’s 125th birthday.

Seeing Deulofeu grazing like that – just to name a thing – was not the best of life for a fan proud of the history of their colors.

Of course, we know dear Gerardo, you come from Barcelona, ​​you played in Milan and in the Premier League, but for this very reason something better than fake left and right, stuff that not even a grandfather among amateurs does not drink, you can Do. Gotti will presumably start from there tonight, from the desire for redemption of his number 10. Maybe only paired with Beto, with no others around.

He could field the team with a 3-5-2, even without Pereyra, perhaps with a little fresh strength on the right with Soppy who already played discreetly at the Olimpico against Roma. Of course, Udinese could also propose a 3-4-2-1 with Pussetto and one less midfielder, or immediately risk the “four” defense with 4-2-3-1, all valid hypotheses, tried and tested. of the Venetian technician.

From the standings point of view, Udinese has little to lose: ultimately they must also put a little courage in, otherwise they risk defending to the bitter end until the opponent breaks through. Do you remember the match against Inter at San Siro? And the courage could take him by looking at the ranking. Under there only Cagliari made a small step, the others, from Salernitana to Genoa, up to Spezia, lost, and also around Sampdoria and Venice stopped. In short, scoring points would not hurt, also because the next lap will also give us an away match, Monday in Empoli.

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