Home Sports Udinese continues fasting, a penalty from Belotti gives the victory to Toro. Pozzo orders the withdrawal.

Udinese continues fasting, a penalty from Belotti gives the victory to Toro. Pozzo orders the withdrawal.

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UDINE. Udinese is confirmed allergic to spring, remedying the third consecutive defeat against Turin, the second in a row at the Friuli stadium. Contrary to those with Lazio and Atalanta, however, the one remedied against the grenade is not a knockout that tells the truth about a match where the bianconeri, after the usual “prudent” start, grew up, playing and building (especially in the second part of the first fraction), to then pay for Arslan’s ingenuity who overwhelmed Belotti in the area in the quarter of an hour, allowing the blue center forward to find the goal from the spot after two months of fasting. A defeat, it must be said, arrived with only two shots on goal suffered by the bianconeri and the regret of a penalty not granted to Becao (contact more than doubt with Buongiorno).

With Nuytinck recovered only for the bench, Samir completes, on the center-left, the defense still led by Bonifazi while in the median Mr. Gotti dusts off Arslan as left midfielder and Llorente in the role of first striker, with Pereyra in support, again entrusting the wings in Molina and Stryger Larsen.

Without Sirigu, Nicola lines up Milinkovic-Savic between the grenade posts: it is the only change compared to the 3-5-2 seen in the derby with Juventus, with Bremer central defense flanked by Izzo and Buongiorno and Mandragora in the heart of a median that includes the quality of Verdi as a right midfielder and free to assist the offensive tandem made up of Belotti and Sanabria.

The first few minutes, however, are enough to understand that Rincon’s role as left midfielder is actually more that of the mastiff on De Paul. Sanabria and above all Belotti retreat their range of action to increase the connections on the trocar and free space for the insertions of Verdi, who at 4 ‘shows up with a left from an impossible position that goes out on the back. Udinese struggles to take measurements in the opponent’s midfield, Pereyra can’t find the right position to give a link with the only striker and Torino manages to gain meters. Like at 21 ‘when Belotti spreads out on the left, where he works the ball well before crossing into the center area: Stryger Larsen’s defensive diagonal arrives late, but Sanabria from two steps only manages to dishevel his hair, gracing Musso with a gored to forget.

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An alarm bell that wakes up Gotti’s bianconeri and in the 24th minute it is De Paul who takes the situation in hand: the Argentine eludes Rincon’s surveillance, concentrates and ends with a right from 25 meters which however ends high.

Bull is much more dangerous in the 30th minute: Belotti opens splendidly on the right for Vojvoda, crosses on the long post where Rincon arrives with a great career who shoots from the left, but Becao’s thigh deviation is providential and raises the trajectory over the crossbar .

It is the last grenade signal, because Udinese lights up, and in the 33rd minute they close to the advantage. Samir heads into the area an apparently harmless ball, but Buongiorno falls asleep on the ball, Milinkovic-Savic slips, but it is Molina who combines it big by putting the left foot on the bottom with an empty net.

A minute later De Paul returns to the chair and accelerates centrally, but from the edge he widens the right platter too much, with the ball touching the pole. The Argentine tries again centrally, finishing still high, but at 41 ‘he adjusts his aim and finds the goal with a nice diagonal from 20 meters, on which Milinkovic-Savic stretches out and deflects for a corner.

De Paul widens the plate too much from the edge in the first half final

Udinese insists and a few seconds before the break it is llorente to have the first good ball of the match: on the corner of De Paul the navarro finds time and space for the shot, but the conclusion is too central to worry Milinkovic- Savic.

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A final in crescendo also confirmed by the statistics, with Udinese going to rest with 7 shots against the three grenades and 67% of possession.

No change in the second half, with De Paul still leading his team and the bianconeri who seem to be able to play the same script as the second half of the first fraction, but at 15 ‘it is Turin that changes the inertia of the game: Verdi’s delicate bowl on a free kick from the treuqarti, Belotti is lost by the defenders with Arslan ruining him: an indisputable penalty with the same grenade center-forward who beats Musso from the spot and regains the goal after almost two months.

Nicola immediately removes Rincon and Sanabria by inserting Lukic and Zaza to give more freshness to his team while Gotti is forced to dare: out Arslan and Llorente, in Forestieri and Okaka for a line-up with two “real” points that foresees the return of Pereyra in the median. At 24 ‘a more than doubtful contact between Buongiorno and Becao on the edge of the area calls into question the Var, but after two minutes of consultations the penalty for the Friulians does not arrive.

Udinese, however, did not loosen their grip and poured into the opposing metacampo. Gotti also plays the Ouwejan card for Samir, but in the 35th minute Turin is seen again: Verdi’s usual free-kick-cross from the right, Belotti does not get there with Zaza behind him who heads to the bottom.

A turn of hands later photocopied action on the opposite front: De Paul kicks, At the far post Forestieri tames the ball well and shoots with his right foot, but Milinkovic-Savic is ready by blocking on the ground.

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Udinese tries the final forcing, Gotti also inserts Nestorovski (at 41 ‘), but with De Paul who seems to have run out of gas, the game capable of avoiding defeat does not arrive.

At the end of the match, the club communicates to the players: from Tuesday all in retreat, on Saturday there is Crotone in Calabria and points must be scored. Stavoilta the decision of the Pozzo is irrevocable.


TORINO     1

UDINESE (3-5-1-1): Musso 6; Becao 6, Bonifazi 6, Samir 6.5 (33 ‘st Ouwejan sv); Molina 5.5, De Paul 6.5, Wallace 6, Arslan 4.5 (20 ‘st Forestieri 6), Stryger Larsen 6 (41’ st Nestorovski sv); Pereyra 6; Llorente 5.5 (20 ‘st Okaka 6). On the bench: Gasparini, Scuffet, De Maio, Nuytinck, Makengo, Zeegelar, Braaf, Micin. Coach: Gotti 6.

TORINO (3-5-2): Milinkovic-Savic 6; Izzo 6, Bremer 7, Buongiorno 5; Vojvoda 5.5, Rincon 5.5 (20 ‘st Lukic 6), Mandragora 5.5, Verdi 6.5 (39’ st Linetty sv), Ansaldi 6; Sanabria 5 (20 ‘st Zaza 5.5), Belotti 7. On the bench: Sava, Ujkani, Murru, Nkoulou, Rodriguez, Baselli, Gojak, Bonazzoli. Coach: Nicola 6.

REFEREE: Duties of Rome 6.

MARKER: In the second half, at 16 ‘Belotti (rig).

NOTE: clear evening, ground not in good condition. Ammonites Mandragora, Good morning, Zaza. Corners: 5-4 for Udinese. Recovery: 0 ‘; 5 ‘.


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