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Udinese-Deulofeu, tug of war on the renewal

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Udinese-Deulofeu, tug of war on the renewal

He won’t be part of life’s great questions, but there is also an aura of mystery and a possible tug of war behind the enigmatic exclusion from Gerard Deulofeu’s squad for the challenge, then thrown away by Udinese, with Bologna.

An absence that made noise, despite the fact that the club hastened to justify before the match even with Andrea Sottil to Dazn (“Regarding Deulofeu, we made our considerations with the staff and decided to move on to next week”) and which on closer inspection has cast a cone of shadow where everyone expected the light, even ending up suspicious.

Is it possible, in fact, that the Catalan who returned to the group last Wednesday didn’t even find a place on the bench after having trained proficiently under the eyes of a Sottil who had also had the “crazy idea” of making him a starter, eager to rediscover his plays? To answer the question that everyone asked when announcing the formations, however, we must not talk about the left knee of the diezslightly distorted in Naples last November 12, because that’s nice that he has been healed for some time, but rather of his possible “stomach ache”, a problem that Gino Pozzo, present on Sunday in Friuli, became aware of from the moment to whom he proposed the contract renewal to his 10 black and white, wanting to extend the current deadline set at June 2024 by one year.

Only those who do not know the club’s policy could not have expected a move as logical as it is obvious on a strategic level, aimed at consolidating the club’s contractual power in view of a sale, and among these there seems to be Deulofeu himself.

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Indeed, in response, the diez he’s getting some well-deserved attention from Aston Villa, Everton and West Ham. Attentions that are also justified temptations, but which in Pozzo’s eyes constitute a problem not only for the contractual power mentioned above, but also for Udinese’s effective technical programming which provides for the sale of Deulofeu in July, to make way then to Matheus Martins (in the meantime, for January Udinese follows the Brazilian Brenner, 23 years old yesterday, under Cincinnati).

Perhaps it is also for all these reasons that Deulofeu is delaying his return, both on the pitch and on Instragram, where for days now the posts with which he commented on the team’s performance have no longer appeared. Sottil said that “Geri” will be in Genoa on Sunday: all that remains is to trust him.

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