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Udinese, here is the plan for Samardzic that the grown-ups like

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Udinese, here is the plan for Samardzic that the grown-ups like

Lazar Samardzic is liked in Italy and abroad, not only in his native Germany. Lazar Samardzic scores: three goals in Serie A, one also in the last test with the German under 21 team against Italy.

Lazar Samardzic doesn’t move. As has been said several times by analyzing the rumors bouncing around in Friuli and the habits of Gino Pozzo, strategist of Udinese and Watford, the “toy” will not be dismantled in January.

The Juventus owners have never done it, they won’t do it this time either, thanks to the results obtained in the first part of the season with Andrea Sottil on the bench, so much so that they are thinking of reinforcing the team in perspective with the 2003 class Matheus Martins of Fluminense .

Yet there are two Italian clubs that have already taken information on the German with the number 24 who is climbing the hierarchies within the black and white squad, where he is not yet considered a full-fledged starter, despite the fact that the talent is there for all to see .

The first in chronological order was Juventus that the future perspective is thinking of heavily restructuring its midfield in which young players from the youth field should act, from Fabio Miretti to Nicolò Fagioli, without forgetting Nicolò Rovella and Filippo Ranocchia (on loan at Monza and possibly trading pieces in the future), and where there are question marks for the second half of the championship, from Pogba to Rabiot.

From this point of view, the exploratory tour also involved Sandi Lovric, as well as Samardzic who, however, Pozzo would not want to give up next year either, convinced that he can achieve a higher valuation than now, ranging from 20 to 25 million, more or less the same amount paid by Tottenham to have Destiny Udogie (18 plus 7 of any bonuses).

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A valuation like Rodrigo De Paul, to be clear, sold to Atletico Madrid in 2021 for 35 million. Samardzic has a really long contract, until June 30, 2026 and there is an agreement with the entourage on the full development of the player before the transfer.

In a nutshell, if it explodes from January onwards, the sale could also arrive immediately, otherwise the admirers will have to wait.

Among these there is certainly Napoli who have a “grievance” to solve, the one linked to the contract of the former Piotr Zielinski who is also showing off at the World Cup with his Poland.

The existing agreement will expire in 2024, next summer it will either be renewed or sold, as happened with Koulibaly. And in the event of a farewell, Samardzic’s talent, also publicly recognized by Luciano Spaletti, could be useful for Napoli who, however, will not be able to pay out only the twenty million that he plans to spend now on the German born in 2002 from Udinese.

Relations are excellent between the Pozzos and the president Aurelio De Laurentiis, but as we could also see for Gerard Deulofeu, the Friulian property hardly backs down when he sets a price: for the Catalan with the number 10 it must have been 20 (million) and for 15 nothing came of it.

Napoli is a good buying company for Udinese, history says so too, but it’s not a top club in terms of cash, where Pozzo thinks he can place Samardzic in the future.

And like him Simone Pafundi, the baby from the Juventus nursery who recently made his debut in the national team at the age of 16 and also followed by Napoli who, however, according to rumors that have bounced back from the Gulf, withdrew after hearing the boy’s current price Neapolitan origin.

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Despite having an agreement “only” until 2025, given his status as a minor, Udinese has already given Pafundi an assessment as a top player, convinced that in the coming seasons he will become one of the stars of our football. —

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