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Udinese in Turin the right opportunity to lead the way

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Tonight the postponement that can transform the Bianconeri into a surprise team The return of the “three” defense is likely, but with two attacking midfielders behind Beto


I hate Mondays. It is not a question of loving the old Blasco songs. Play after (almost) all the others what the British call monday night, a television invention that spreads the championship of another evening, this time it will not be pleasant in terms of pressures: with a victory you splash close to the locomotive for Europe, with a defeat you find yourself talking about the relegation zone with the visit of Genoa Friuli on the horizon. But given that a football season is made up of opportunities, it is appropriate to say that this is the right one to transform Udinese into a “surprise team”. In short, if there are reasons to add to the competitive ones, there is no shortage of reasons for tonight, face to face with Torino. Because immediately after the night the Albachiara can really arrive. And even in this case, thanks to Vasco Rossi for the copyright.

In recent years, the bianconeri have always lost the train when it came to making the leap in quality. One could argue, due to a poorly qualitative squad, or a propensity not to take up the challenge of the field. However you put it, there have been seasons full of ups and downs under the eyes of the Juventus fans. Take last year with Gotti. Difficult start, encouraging comeback at the end of November, braking against opponents of little technical depth, rebirth in view of the spring and final flop to the sound of carelessness and disappointing results. Now Udinese has the opportunity to take advantage of the calendar. Will she be able to ride it?

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Unlike the other “adventures” this time Udinese has a rather complete squad. Okay, perhaps we could have worked better on the market to replace De Paul, but Gino Pozzo’s moves nevertheless gave the square some extremely talented youngsters, a truly futuristic center-forward and veterans of international level. From a tactical point of view, then, there is no shortage of alternatives and Luca Gotti knows it well, who at Bruseschi has been alternating the traditional “three” and “four” defense for two months.

The work in progress sign is still hanging, so this time it could, after the innovative 4-2-3-1 (easily convertible into a 4-4-2) he exhibited with Sassuolo, return to 3-5-2 , or rather, try to draw that 3-4-2-1 that the Contarina coach already tried in February, against Verona. Juric’s Verona that he finds today on the Toro bench. It might not be a coincidence. So Becao, Nuytinck and Samir should make up the defensive line in front of Silvestri with Walace and Arslan in the middle, with Molina and Udogie on the flanks. In front of Pereyra-Deulofeu ready to start from the trocar to support Beto. It can work. Even if it won’t be an easy Monday. –

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