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Udinese, Sottil in the post-match: “Another umpteenth test of courage”

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Udinese, Sottil in the post-match: “Another umpteenth test of courage”

At the end of the match against the Apulian Giallorossi, Mr. Sottil answered the questions of the journalists: here are his hot statements

Thin to Dazn in the post-match:

“The match was divided into two parts. The first half we went inbene however, perhaps it lacked a bit of precision. A little tense and this can happen but I am lucky enough to coach a team of very experienced players even if there are young people who already have a great experience behind them, so there is a great personality. However, we were in the game even if initially we hadn’t created much. Lecce picked us up quite high, there was the possibility of counterattacking well. It lacked some clarity and precision. In the second half we went under on the only real occasion. Ok, Lecce also took a post and a crossbar, it must be said but on the corner kickbacks and then on a cross inside Ebosse was unlucky that the ball remained there but we were in good shape on the man “

“Another umpteenth test of courage, personality and awareness. In the second half we continued to grow. Whoever entered was ready. Isaac gave us offensive support. We were very present in the half court. We shot 16 times, 5 on goal. We held more ball, we created, we scored and then we had to win it then I am happy with the performance“.

“There can be many reasons, but this team has been pulling at the maximum for a long time and with extraordinary results. We have made 6 consecutive victories, 9 consecutive useful results. However even today it is clear, we didn’t winma we give continuity to the ranking. In this category all matches are difficult. Lecce is an excellent team that is well trained, organized and has given everyone a hard time. She went on to win in Naples and hit a post at the Stadium. It is not that we have to see the others but there is always an opponent in front of us and if he is in Serie A it is because he has qualities. But we could have won it “.

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“I liked the team. I was reviewing the images and we also had chances in the first half. Of course in the second half we were more present, relaxed and relaxed. After the goal there was the desire to go there and win it. This is what I like. Go and play the game always and only to win. We didn’t win it though let’s take home a point and let’s go on “.

“Of course Beto, Success and Deulofeu is a very important trident and very complete with an acceleration of Deulofeu, plays and assists, physical presence and finishing. And this goal here is the example of the trident being completed. Today we were losing 1-0 at home and so I decided not to remove the strikers and to play tip by tip and we were much more present. When the tips are good, they sacrifice themselves and mine sacrifice a lot as they always have, there is balance. Then Mato got in very well. I want to say that he is a boy who is not used very much but he is a very important player. He always trains well and it was very important to put him in the middle of the field to restore our balance next to Walace. Congratulations to the guys. They must be calm because victory will come “.

Udogie has been having a muscle problem for a few weeks and tried to grit his teeth like all boys. Because we are on the final rushthe boys are extraordinary. He has an incredible sense of belonging and never giving up. Many are gritting their teeth even though we are physically very well. Today it is one of these that the problem has become acute so we have decided to stop it and will be evaluated in these days “. But it doesn’t stop there.Here are the report cards (without filters) of our editorial team <<

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