Home Sports Udinese still postpones the appointment with the victory at the Friuli stadium: with Verona it is a draw

Udinese still postpones the appointment with the victory at the Friuli stadium: with Verona it is a draw

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Udinese still postpones the appointment with the victory at the Friuli stadium: with Verona it is a draw

No way. Despite the desire put on the field, despite the goal chances. Udinese postpones the appointment with victory at the Friuli stadium, where the three points are missing all at once from the September match against Inter, an incredible figure considering the position in the standings, a seventh place given away by the penalty to Juventus, but deserved , considering the +2 in the standings on the first pursuer, Turin, the next opponent.

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Will the killer instinct bring him Thauvin?

Antonio Simeoli

The bianconeri paid for yet another false start, the twelfth disadvantage of the first twenty days of the championship, a real record for this Serie A (first place), also considering the three 0-0 draws of the season, a record certified by comebacks (17 points) and also from the vibrant pressing put in place by Udinese to get back on top, a weapon that Sottil’s team was able to use yesterday after going behind due to what Gialappa’s in the golden age would have called a “gollonzo” born on a shot by Lazovic deflected with the top of the head by Rodrigo Becao, a touch that definitely took Silvestri by surprise who could only watch the ball settle in the upper left corner and then roll into the net, to the delight of the away sector, packed with over 700 Veronese ultras.

A carambola that took the breath away from the other 16,000 (and more) spectators, not the black and white people who started to raise the pace like in the good old days (at the beginning of the first leg, so to speak) closing Verona in their own half .

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An expensive tactic that led to a statistical superiority at the end of the match (8 shots on target against 2, 14 shots blocked against 6), unfortunately a pyrrhic victory if you can’t convert chances into goals.

A hope that remained in the freezing air of Friuli for a long time, fueled by Samardzic’s all in all quick equalizer on a bank of Beto who thus made up for that presumptuous and unwise control that gave way to the daring advantage of Hellas.

The conclusion of Juventus number 24 on the other hand was a little gem, a sort of billiard shot, a ball placed in the “corner pocket”, low shot to Montipò’s right. There, at that point, Udinese took a breather to then start again in the last quarter of an hour, when they missed a couple of chances on a corner kick (the most tempting with Bijol), while the clearest one came on a blow from the heart of the Udogie area, on which Magnani sacrificed himself, a Bruce Lee-like blow to become one of the best, if not the best, among the gialloblùs.

In the second half, the pace remained strong for the first ten minutes, then Udinese gradually let go without producing the intense kick displayed in the initial part.

At that point Sottil turned towards the bench and discovered he didn’t have who knows what weapons at his disposal. Inside Lovric for Tolgay Arslan literally on his knees, then a long reflection, when the coach from Venaria Reale had to replace the two full-backs: Ebosele for Ehizibue (promoted) and Ebosse for Udogie (lights and shadows).

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Then the debut of Semedo, the Portuguese centre-forward of the Primavera, a big boy with good hopes who took over from Success to team up with his compatriot Beto in the very last minutes.

Moves that didn’t lead to a goal on the wire as happened in the first leg at Bentegodi. It ends with a point in the pocket and another regret: Udinese extends to seventh place, but remains below 30.

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