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Udinese, the offer to buy Copetti has been rejected but Pozzo wants to try again

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Udinese, the offer to buy Copetti has been rejected but Pozzo wants to try again

5 million dollars are not enough for the Italian-Argentine forward of Racing. Avellaneda takes 8 to give Atletico Rafaela the 40% he deserves

UDINE. As shrewd in offers as firm in requests. The line often adopted by the Pozzo family in terms of transfer market seems to be influencing two deals that could change the face of Andrea Sottil’s Udinese attack.

And to understand this we need to look at the strict topicality on the double negotiation in progress, the one that on one front could lead to the purchase of the Argentine center forward. Enzo Copettiunder the Racing of Avellaneda, and on the other hand to the sale of Gerard Deulofeu to Naples.

These are, in fact, the two big names around which the company is working in attack, a department that could soon be reconfigured precisely by the release of the Catalan and the entry of another “90 piece” to be placed where Beto, Isaac Success e Ilija Nestorovski (fresh from the surprise renewal) are to be considered fixed points. To them Gino Pozzo he is seriously thinking of supporting Enzo Copetti, the 26-year-old first striker who can also play as a winger if he wants, on whom Udinese has entered into a negotiation defined as “advanced” by sources very close to the Avellaneda club.

Yesterday, in fact, the news of a 5 million dollar offer by the Juventus club, a figure that has been around the web and that Racing has rejected the sender without hesitation, also thanks to a 10 million dollars behind which there is also a future distribution of the sale with Atletico Rafaela, the club of origin of Copetti that has kept 40% of his card.

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Udinese knows all of this, because it has been days since they established a real relationship with the entourage of the player who just last Friday admitted the possibility of leaving the Academy for Udinese, but only “after a suitable offer for the club », as confessed in an interview with“ Tyc Sports ”.

All this, before scoring the 1-1 goal on the Sarmiento field last Sunday, his 23rd center in the 76 games played with Racing, with whom he has a contract expiring in 2024, and to reconnect with the bianconeri emissaries. that, to bring it to Friuli, would have to raise the offer to at least 8 million dollars, about 7.8 in euros.

The parties will talk about it again this week, because Udinese has expressed interest and would like to close the deal quickly.

Instead, the scenario changes radically passing from the suburbs of Buenos Aires to Naples, where the name of Deulofeu always continues to circulate, but only as a possible arrival based on a negotiation that has instead stalled, to the point of being on standby for days. As is known, Udinese does not ask for less than 20 million for the Catalan who has already reached an agreement in principle with the Neapolitan company – thanks to the negotiations conducted by his agent Albert Botines -, on the basis of a salary of 2.5 million per year. What is missing, however, is the agreement between the two clubs because Napoli did not go beyond 17 million.

This is why the name of Gianluca Gaetanothe attacking midfielder born in 2000 that Napoli could include in the negotiation, whereas Udinese, to widen the deal, would have included in the “package” alsoWalace.

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