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“Udinese, the real Deulofeu met again and this time the midfield convinced”

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MATTEO MARANI, Sky columnist, judges the match against Milan “The club must make a final decision on Cioffi’s future”

the interview

The narration on the first chapter of Udinese by Cioffi will not end straight in one of his “Stories”, but from the first 90 ‘commented on Saturday evening, Sky editorialist Matteo Marani has drawn ideas and considerations on the Juventus present and future, opening a window also on the exemption of his friend Luca Gotti.

Marani, his latest story on Sky is dedicated to Ayrton Senna’s last lap. What was the first of Gabriele Cioffi on the Udinese bench?

«He proposed a very solid team, transformed in attitude, given the great performance, more than in tactics. In this respect, in fact, nothing new has been seen with the return to the classic 3-5-2 proposed, but for the first time I liked the midfield that did not make us regret the absence of Pereyra and, even more, that of De Paul, the one who made the real difference until a few months ago ».

It’s not cheap …

“Indeed. Udinese’s midfield outclassed Milan’s, with Walace, Arslan and Makengo who were all authors of a great performance in an evening that was convincing for them, but which also coincided with Pioli’s initial wrong choices, whom he then replaced. Bakayoko and Bennacer at the beginning of the second half ».

Any other significant ideas from a Juventus perspective?

«At last I saw a Deulofeu on the ball, for a long time the best of his as long as the condition supported him, and then Beto. A striker who reaches seven goals, not even halfway through the championship, is a guarantee ».

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The critics underlined the change in Udinese’s character, which therefore obtained the shock hoped for by Cioffi.

«Cioffi for Udinese is not a new coach, because it is clear that he shared the path he made with Gotti, to whom I believe he owes him a lot, given the work done previously by Luca. Having said that, Paolo Piani, the secretary of the technical sector of the FIGC in Coverciano, spoke very highly of Cioffi, describing him as very prepared ».

Good first, do you think Cioffi will have a future beyond Christmas?

«The next matches will be important, but for him it is essential that the club make a decision, without weighing it down with the label of the substitute. In my opinion it is important that we do not go back to the instability experienced by Gotti ».

Surprised by his exemption?

«No, because especially in the last period it seemed that every game was always the last chance to try to be reconfirmed, and it seemed to me that for someone from the club Luca was still considered a second and not a first. Personally I believe that the difficulties of the post De Paul have also paid off. I was very sorry about his sacking, also because I am convinced that Udinese could still have planned his future well with Gotti ».

In the meantime, he greeted the people of Udinese with an open-hearted letter on the Messaggero Veneto.

«’The greeting was a gesture of great elegance and refinement, and I believe that in the meantime Udinese was also his springboard for him». –

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