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Udinese want Maggiore but Spezia prefers to deal with Torino for the midfielder

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Udinese want Maggiore but Spezia prefers to deal with Torino for the midfielder

Giulio Maggiore duels with Pussetto at the Friuli stadium in the last game played at home by the bianconeri, the one they lost against Spezia which also celebrated a goal by the midfielder

The track leading to the player expiring in June 2023 is complicated. The bianconeri contact the agent Lucci, the Ligurians do not like the move

UDINE. Working behind the scenes is always an art in the transfer market and even better if you can do it after having raised a smokescreen, useful for throwing off the competition. At Udinese, the strategy is often a winner, but this time something seems to be going wrong as the negotiations to get to Giulio Maggioreone of the “sensitive” objectives, obviously not declared, in the Pozzo house.

From La Spezia, in fact, they let it be known that they did not like the phone call made by the Bianconeri emissaries to Alessandro Luccithe Tuscan agent who switched from the business of fashion to that of football thanks to the Wsa, the agency that looks after the interests of 48 players including the former John Musso, Luis Muriel e John Square and in which there is also that Giulio Maggiore who also Andrea Sottil he would see well in his new median at Udinese.

Not that Spezia was unaware of Juventus’ interest in Maggiore, as we had anticipated last Saturday, but in dealing with the subject last week with the director Pierpaolo Marinothe director of La Spezia Riccardo Pecini had commented with an eloquent “we’ll talk about it again”, reserving first a confrontation with his new coach, the former Luca Gotti. All this, especially after hearing himself proposed Tolgay Arslan e I kill Jajalo as trading pawns, the two central midfielders that Udinese are ready to turn to the eagles.

That phone call to Lucci at the beginning of this week, however, sounded like a leap forward that was not in line with the agreements made and now risks cracking relations. Perhaps also for this reason on Monday Pecini had a meeting with the Turin manager Davide Vagnatiwho through the voice of President Urbano Cairo proposed three million for Maggiore.

Yes, this is precisely the amount that Spezia knows they have to accept for a player who is worth between 6 and 8, but who could also lose “to zero”, given that Maggiore refused the renewal of the contract expiring between a year. In addition, there is that in Turin Karol Linetty that La Spezia likes a lot and that Ivan Juric is willing to “sacrifice” to get to Maggiore.

An estimate by the Croatian coach, which evidently confirms the good eye of a Udinese who, however, must hurry with the relaunch, also because Fiorentina and Bologna have lined up on the Under 21 midfielder.

Perhaps it is also due to these complications, therefore, that an equally concrete and reliable track has emerged alongside Maggiore, the one that leads to the Senegalese midfielder Amadou Salif Slowly. The central born in 2002 played half the season with the first team of Metz and half with team B, will expire at the end of the month and could arrive for less than one million euros. Thinking back to Seko Fofana e John Victor Makengoperhaps yet another winning bet could come from France.

We must then consider the two Bosnian tracks, the one that leads to the 28-year-old Haris Hajradinovicof Kasimpasa, also expiring at the end of the month, and that of Amir Hadziahmetovic, Bosnian with Danish passport, from Konyaspor. These are, at the moment, the most credible tracks, unlike other names, such as the Romanist born in 1997 Amadou Diawara and the 24 year old Idrissa Tourè of Pisa.

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