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Udinese will no longer be played if there are 35% of the positives: with Atalanta the match would have been skipped

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New guidelines from the Government and Regions to harmonize the intervention of the Local Health Authorities. We need the green light from the CTS, then the Serie A League will have to change the old protocol

UDINE. Here are the long-awaited new guidelines to harmonize the interventions of health companies and continue in the emergency with the Serie A championship without sentences, appeals and controversies.

From Wednesday 12 January there is a new number that could cause a match to be skipped, or rather, a percentage: with 35% of positives within what has been called “athletes group” a team will be able to request the postponement without waiting further stamps.

This is one of the novelties of the document presented yesterday in the early afternoon by the Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali at the State-Regions conference, a topic on which President Massimiliano Fedriga spent himself in a particular way having evidently followed closely the Udinese-ASL “case” in view of the match against Atalanta, which culminated with the decree of the TAR of Friuli Venezia Giulia which forced the bianconeri to play the game last Sunday, despite the high number of infected and the suspension of training for the rest of the group .

In short, since yesterday, the observations of the restricted technical group Regions-Ministry of Health have been accepted which, as mentioned, has focused on a “ceiling”, on the achievement of a number of positives exceeding 35% of the members of the “athletes group” to block the entire “team group” for a match. But not only.

The need to continue surveillance inside the changing rooms with molecular and antigenic swabs has been confirmed: the new protocol proposal that will have to receive the approval of the CTS also provides that, in the presence of a case within the team group, the positive is placed in isolation, monitored and controlled, while high-risk contacts will instead be subjected to tests for at least five days with the obligation to wear the Ffp2 mask in all contexts in which no sports activity is carried out.

And this regardless of the vaccination status. Four hours before the matches, then, a “round” of tampons will always and in any case be carried out.

And in this context it is clear that the role of social doctors will be fundamental: they must keep the situation under control within the group and thus anticipate the “external” monotoring of the ASL.

Having said that, it must be emphasized that these rules surpass those hastily imposed by the Serie A League Council on the clubs, the famous protocol of the 13 players available, 12 “on the move” and at least one goalkeeper among the members from 2003 onwards, including the Primavera players therefore.

It will be discussed today in the assembly of the same League, during which it is clear that we will talk about the composition of the roses on which to apply the 35%. For example, long-time injured players, those returning from surgery, could be excluded from the count.

It’s a topic on the table. Udinese manager Pierpaolo Marino, in fact, explained on Sunday that the Lega had put Pereyra among the available, negative but recovering after shoulder surgery (he will have it for another month and a half).

And given that we are talking about accounts also looking back to the past, it must be said that the match against Atalanta with the 35% rule would have been skipped: excluding the Primavera players who were enlisted in a hurry last weekend, the Udinese’s “athletes group” is made up of 29 members, official league lists in hand, and last Saturday evening the positive numbers were still 12, according to the club’s communications.

Who knows if the appeal announced by Udinese to the sports judge to replay the match will also highlight this aspect.

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