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Udoh: I am King of Olbia, Viktoria my princess

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Udoh: I am King of Olbia, Viktoria my princess

Protagonist of the cavalcade of the whites, one day he will become the father of a child. «Canzi’s farewell? I only found out after the decision was made. He leaves a nice mark ”

OLBIA. At 24, this was King Udoh’s transition year. The second with the Olbia shirt. He looked like the classic football player with flair and recklessness, a bit hot-headed. This season has seen him mature and responsible, the team’s top scorer and now the man of the summer. From his words, the heartfelt confirmation of another year in Sardinia does not come, now is the moment when he could make a decisive leap, but he makes it clear by weighing every word well. But then enough football: “In two weeks I’ll become a dad.”

Thinking about it now, the match sull’Entella that didn’t let you pass the turn, what was the epilogue?

«We have made an important figure and reached a historic milestone. With luck could you win? But with bad luck also losing badly. We played well, Entella had lost very few times at home ».

No votes, rather a judgment on the season of Olbia between ups and downs.
«We assume that you can do a season very well, but you go through bad times anyway. We have always managed to stick together and this has helped us to put together important performances. The work has paid off, it has brought us where we have arrived, I think the season is very good. A point from which to start ».

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How did you take the news of Canzi’s farewell? Had he already given you a greeting speech in Chiavari?
«I, but I also think of all the others, only found out when there was the official announcement a few days ago. I do not know which assessments the decision has made. You have made a great impression here, this year in particular. We hope a prepared coach will arrive. Though…”

«The starting point is always the team. We go on the pitch, so if anything we will need to see the assessments that will be made on the team ».

Udoh, his season, 13 goals, was perhaps the best. How is it evaluated?
«I am very satisfied, first of all with the goals, but in my opinion I could have done even better. I’m not satisfied, next time me the best look. But I lived this year with serenity, without any obsession, for example, about having to score. The goal was to improve myself, I succeeded ».

A moment that you remember in particular?
«The victory in Modena. For the brace (it ended 2-1 for the whites), because with that I went up in double figures. And for the value of that success against the first in the standings. A perfect day ».

You and Ragatzu scored the same number of goals and proved to be one of the best attacking pairs of the group.
«With him there is a wonderful relationship, even off the pitch. It gives me peace of mind. He helped me a lot just looking at him during training ».


He will know that you will be the market man of Olbia. What projects for next year?
«Improving myself and dealing with new fields, I’ve always looked for a way to grow and this year, for example, I did well. Now it’s early, I don’t know what the future holds but I’m calm, after the holidays I’ll start talking to the club “.

I imagine in this period his priority is another …
«Yes, in two weeks I will become a father. Now I think about my girlfriend and my daughter. She will be born in two weeks, we will call her Viktoria. Now I’m in Vercelli, my girlfriend’s city, then we’ll come back to me in Reggio Emilia ».

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