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Udoh’s goals to make Olbia great

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Serie C. The forward is in great shape: “I would like to go to double figures, I know very well that this season is important for me”

OLBIA. Double and full performance. He shoved his shoulders, held the ball, showed the sprinter shots he’s used to. The cover of Olbia-Viterbese 3-2 on Sunday is all for King Udoh. With Ragatzu he forms one of the best tandems in group B of Serie C, yet just the day before yesterday when his partner was missing he gave his best. 24 years old, the striker is in the second league with the uniform of Olbia. The first went at two speeds, rather slow at the beginning and then at full throttle in the final part. This, on the other hand, without too many words, can become the season of consecration.

Udoh, the cover man of Olbia-Viterbese is you.

«I wanted to help the team and I succeeded. The important thing is to have managed to win, with a comeback ».

Another pivotal moment was the equal of the opponents when you were in your best moment. What is the key to your reaction?

«The truth is that we conceded a goal due to inattention. It was the demonstration that, as soon as even a moment of intensity drops, these teams punish you. We were good at that moment not to be disheartened and to stay calm ».

Among the great absences, there was that of Daniele Ragatzu. You seemed different, freer on the pitch. Is that so?

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«Regardless of whether you play with Ragatzu or, like Sunday, with Mancini or Demarcus, I follow what the coach asks me and how I interpret the game. Of course, with Ragatzu I play differently, with Mancini I had to make other moves, play much more even behind ».

Is your real great strength having kept the coach and a large part of the group last year?

“Yup. We have been working in this way for a year now, we understand things on the fly and we know what we want among ourselves ».

Is there a team that has impressed you between Pistoiese, Ancona and Viterbese?

“If I have to be honest, I don’t know. They were teams within our reach, and none of them really put us in trouble. with Ancona we lost due to our mistakes, in the victories, in my opinion, we dominated despite the goals conceded. In fact it will be interesting to see when we face the strongest teams. In the meantime, the important thing is not to get upset ».

His championship started well. What do you expect?

«I hope to go in double figures, with the team we hope to take away satisfactions».

After the second goal, on Sunday, he rejoiced while miming a ballet with Lella, what is the reason?

«(Laughs) during the retreat with Palesi we always listened to a song, even in bars and when we went out in our free time,“ Loco ”. At the first goal it didn’t seem the case, it was that of a draw, but at the second it was okay. So, with Lella we immediately went to Palesi in the stands. We had wanted to do it for a while, we agreed that the first who scored, Travaglini is also in this thing, would have done it. Now we have another exultation, of course we will reveal it when a goal comes from one of the four of us ».

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